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W1R2 completed and already I’m feeling happier and healthier! Maybe it’s the fact I’m enjoying the long awaited sunshine or the sea air but C25K is definitely giving me a lot more get up and go. I can see why everyone is so enthusiastic about it.

I have a feeling I might be getting the running and healthy lifestyle bug!!😀🏃

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Remarkable how quickly the little changes start- and they will build up!

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It certainly is Bard👍


Well done Whitto! What a great place to run. No wonder you are on a high with a view like that and gorgeous sunshine too.

Thanks Delly dot.

It certainly is gorgeous in the sunshine but it’s bloody cold and windy in the winter!!😀

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That I can well believe! I ran by the beach on the west coast of Scotland last month and it was blowing a hoolie! Lovely though, when the sun is shining, though not always that much warmer there.

Scotland is beautiful but, as you say, their summer lasts for 3 days!!😀


Isn’t it great running beside the sea Whitto?! I love it, although we don’t have quite so much beach - or is it mud?!

It’s lovely to look at but the tide was out when I took the picture and it’s not really a bathing spot as there are some quicksand areas and the water comes back to where the wall is. About half a mile down the coast there are a few sandy areas where you can relax but it’s the Irish Sea near to where it meets the Mersey and Dee Rivers so not really a swimming sea. As I say, nice to look at but not quite the Seychelles 😀

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Sounds like where I live on the River Severn. Nice to look at on a good day, but not really a swimming area.

So glad to hear we have another running convert.😀

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Thanks speedy, I’m really enjoying it and wish I’d done it sooner!👍

What a gorgeous view. Before you know it, you’ll be hooked on running. It’s amazing how that happens. It’s such a great programme.

Thanks agirlinwinter, it has definitely given me an immediate boost and I’m sure it get me fully hooked before long 🎣 😀

Looks lovely very flat everywhere here is up hill or down love the seaside my favourite place must nice to run by it glad your getting your get up and go 😊

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It’s very flat Maz, which is great for me at the minute. I’ll save the hills until after I complete the nine weeks!!😀

The location of a run can make a hell of a difference. Congrats for getting going. I’m on W2 and like you I’m so glad I’ve gone for it. The Oxfordshire countryside is my stomping ground and I love running in my surroundings. Keep up the good work fella 👍🏽

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Thanks Jarlo, the Oxfordshire Countryside would certainly be ideal for scenery and fresh air!!

Thanks for the encouragement and keep up your good work to👍


Fantastic! And what a great pic. Enjoy your running

Thank you Jericho

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