Couch to 5K

It's a family affair

So it seems I have given the running bug to my family now too.

Went for a run with my niece who is on run 3 week 7 (25 mins) and really noticed how much I have improved since then, however, the pace was a little too slow for me and I had to walk up some hills so I didn't leave her behind.

I have noticed today that my legs are aching today which is a real surprise given we only went 3.5k in the 25 mins.

Has anyone else experienced this having slowed the pace down?

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Your feet would have been in contact with the ground for longer. When you are running faster your feet hardly seem to make contact with the ground

You should be fine after a rest day


Makes perfect sense thank you misswobble


You do use different muscles and running style depending upon speed.

I sometimes run with my cousin, who goes somewhat slower than my "natural" pace. I find I bounce much more at her pace, which can make my quads ache, even if I could run for the same time much faster on my own without suffering.

Aches mean that you have stressed your muscles & they are recovering - and it's the recovery that makes us stronger/more enduring so it's not necessarily a bad thing.

As misswobble says - take a day for recovery & those muscles will be back better than ever.


Yes I had achy legs/knees a while ago after doing two short morning jogs with someone who has a shorter stride and runs slower than me.


Thanks - that's really helpful. Not too bad now so we shall see how we do tomorrow.


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