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Atempting W9 R1 later and......terrified!

Planning to do W9 R1 later today and must admit I'm terrified. I know its going to be tough and hard work and I know after 5 minutes I'm going to feel like I won't make it... so far I've completed every run (with the exception of the last 10 seconds of the last 1 min stint on W1 R1) and not repeated any but surely that means I'm due a failed attempt!

That's not a very positive attitude is it! Ok, I CAN do this, I WILL do this... I did the three 28 minute runs last week and yes they were bloody hard but I did them, how hard can two extra minutes be - right!!!?!?!................... right?

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Don't worry, you absolutely can do this! It's amazing that you've completed the programme to the letter and you're mental power will push you through to the end. Also, the podcast is really good, Laura is right there with you and so are we!

GOangelmummyGO! woopwoooooooooooo x


Yes, you CAN do it. Start off slowly and build up pace when/if you feel ready.

Good luck ! :-)


Hmm not been able to do much more than snails pace so far so will prob start of slowly and continue... slowly, whenever Laura says 'up the pace if you can/want to' I just think yeah whatever!!! ;0)


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