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W9 r1

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Omgg I'm at week 9!!!

I have now started looking for what can follow this programme as I like the structured routine of goals to work towards.

I have to say I never ever in a million years thought I could see this to the end I'm overweight was unfit and still just cannot believe I'm doing this I could not be more prouder of myself right now. 😊😊😊

I'm looking into purchasing my graduation T shirt too as my treat to me to put it out there I did this yay!

One very happy bod right now.😊😊😊😊😊

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Well done 😊

What follows is c25k+ stepping stones podcasts, free to download, and hours of running 😊

Linda456Graduate in reply to misswobble

Thank u I found the stepping stone pod cast going to try that next 😊

Awesome well done you, you have got this girl :)

Linda456Graduate in reply to BigGirlJogging

Ty 😊


Well done! :) :)

Linda456Graduate in reply to SuperMouse

Ty 😊


I'm on Week 8 and agree with you about the structured routine - I think that's what has got me to here! Good luck and congratulations

Linda456Graduate in reply to dwynne

Deffo think it's what's kept me focused that's why I was worried about finishing this 😳 But done a bit of googling and found the stepping stones 5k + so glad to say not so worried now aha. 😊

Well done Linda456 - brilliant and only 2 more runs to go - go for it and keep us posted :-)


Amazing, you're so close now! You deserve to feel proud. Enjoy your last two runs of the programme!

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