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W9 R1...


Good morning from Chernobyl, er Leicester, right on the edge of the "hot zone"... late finish at work last night so going in later today, and took advantage of the relative quiet to start Week 9. Took 2 rest days after the weekend's exertions, so fully recuperated, left the house at just gone 6 with a feeling of apprehension. 30 minutes is after all a big milestone...

Decided to take my usual route round the country park. Sadly I was baulked a couple of times by dog walkers who decided it was OK for them to take up the entire path, and once by a cyclist who made a dash to get through a gate before me and got stuck, so never really felt like I got into a rhythm for the second half. Sadly there still appear to be many people who feel that they don't need to share the footpath.

Also got overtaken and left behind by someone admittedly probably less than half my age, but it sort of makes you feel inadequate when that happens.

Still-despite that-I did it, 4.51k in 30 minutes, no personal bests or anything, and Mo Farah isn't looking over his shoulder yet, but as Jo Whiley said I'm now running for 30 times longer than I was at the start of the programme. So, stitch that, 1970s PE teachers! 2 more to go then I can start chasing the 5k target...

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Huge well done...just relax and enjoy the runs towards the podium... plenty of time for speed later:)

Please do stay safe, worrying times for so many folk there x

Cp1965Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks Oldfloss, compared to where I was 18 months ago I've come a long way, so I'm happy to stick with the programme, going to measure out a course of exactly 5k this weekend and once I have done W9R3 I'll start doing the 5k regardless of time. Think I'll be happy with that, I don't have any aspirations to do ultramarathons...

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Cp1965

Brilliant... after you Graduate, some short runs, some 5K ( regardless of time), and some lovely long, slow, steady runs too. They are the ones that ultimately build everything up; stamina, strength distance, and speed:)


I like that, 30 times longer than week 1 :)

Cp1965Graduate in reply to Newbie59

That's one way of looking at it anyway! Or, more to the point, several thousand times more running than I had achieved in the preceding 40 years...


Superb! Well done 🎉

I could (and still might) do the same run today but I was thinking I'd take 2 days rest and tackle it tomorrow... Your post has me thinking just do it.

Keep up the great work

Cp1965Graduate in reply to TallTeal2020

I took 2 days before tacking this one too, debating whether to do W9R2 on Friday night or Saturday morning at the moment. Just hoping now I can stay awake for my daughter's "virtual parents' evening" later on!


Well done, not long to the finish line and to graduation podium!! This morning is my first consolidation run after graduating sunday. Keep going, stay safe, onwards to graduation soon xxx

Cp1965Graduate in reply to linzi7478

Thank you, this weekend or early next week hopefully, fingers crossed!



That's my bugbear too... It's always me that moves - A family of 4 want to all walk beside each other - NO!! Walk in single file so that someone else can get past!... Grrr!...

Anyway ... you did it!... 4.5k in 30 mins!... Superb!

Take care

Cp1965Graduate in reply to Tinytears60

Sometimes I have to stifle the urge to shout "******* SHIFT!!!" at folk like that... and the ones with uncontrollable hairy rats on 10m extending leads... 🤣 Shouting however is frequently out of the question! Onwards and upwards...

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