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Week 3 run 1...the puffless wonder

I got halfway to the gym this morning and realised I hadn't had my steroid inhaler. Doh! I decided to carry on to the gym and persuaded myself that last night's puffs would carry over.

And it worked. I DID IT!!!

I'm really being won over to the mind over matter argument. When you hear athletes talking about the mental toughness, frame of mind etc that helps them keep going, I'm starting to get a tiny, weeny glimpse into what they mean. Not that I'll be competing in the Olympics any time soon, but tricking myself into believing I'd be ok worked.

Also, the 3 minutes....I read on someone's blog that when Laura told them they were halfway through they that all? I could sympathise as I usually feel ready to stop at the 90 seconds, but I decided to think when she says halfway, I'll think, 'Great, halfway...nearly done!'...and it worked too. When she said you've done 2 mins during the second one, my little eyes lit up! 'Only a minute more', I thought. Only a minute?! Only a minute???!!! 3 weeks ago I was petrified I wouldn't make it through a minute.

Can't wait for run 2!

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Good on you, beatasthma! You are doing fab! Isn't it just amazing how the programme steps you up!? You are already running 3 times as long as you could 3 weeks ago!

Continued running success to you! Enjoy!


Thanks! Might just be joining you as a graduate one day :)


No doubt in my mind....


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