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B210K - W2R2, not the best run ever!

Horrible run this morning, every minute felt like the first. I always find the first 10mins difficult then I loosen up and the running becomes automatic (until a hill!). Today however, it just never seemed to get better and I really had to make myself keep running.

I do have a theory why this was so, you see I've found myself eating more rubbish over the last week and a half because 'I'm running for longer so can have it, right?' Now we all know this isn't true, but sometimes we do it, Why !!!! At this rate of eating when I check my stats at the end of the week, it will be weight on and bulging out from everywhere. I have got to get a grip otherwise to get a 3500 calorie deficit I'll have to cover 35 miles every week and that is so not going to happen!!

Whinge over, just needed to vent as so annoyed with myself, I'm going upstairs now to think about my behaviour!

Hope anybody running today has a better one than me x.

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My last run was like that, just couldnt get in the rythm, I like you struggle for the first 5 - 10 mins then it almost becomes easy. My last run however started with the usual out of breath and pain and got gradually worse to the point that i gave up half way.

I hope its better tonight!


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