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Tell me why I ran past the Team GB preparation camp!

Had a complete change of route tonight. Moved the run to loughborough as the OH was playing badminton and still only have one car at the moment. So planned my run around there instead and no matter which way I looked at it to get the right distance and stay on roads I know meant that my route took me straight past the Team GB preparation camp. I was dreading running past as I felt so slow! I would normally avoid the uni as they are a massive sports uni. But I did it and as I should have thought nobody looked twice at me. It was run 2 of week 4 and I am a lot better than I was so I should really stop doubting myself. But one thing I did not do was wear my new Team GB running trousers!!!

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You should, you might get asked in!

How cool would that be?


Had a look and could not see much but there was security on the gate so somebody was most probably there. It is a training camp for some and all of the rest go there to pick up their kit. But I agree it would be cool to get asked in, just having them in the town is giving the place Olympic fever!


Next time just shout out. "I'll be there to help out once I've finished my 20 mile warm up OK guys"? :)


I love the irony of running past the GB camp when you are on C25K! Maybe you should just go up to the gate, and tell them you have come to pick up your kit! Isnt it great that its having such an impact on the town! Keep on showing those inside the gates how to do it!! :)


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