First 10k, yikes!!!

Just about to set off for my first 10k run. Wish me luck, I will update later, once I've got my breath back, or am released from casualty!

Update: I did it! I had to zigzag around a little to get the 10k in, I got a bit lost at one point, going down a dead end and I met some ignorant 6th formers who took up the whole pavement and didn't move over at all for me, so I jogged on the spot and sweated at them as they went round me. But finally the nice Runkeeper lady said "Time 1hr 13minutes, distance 10 point zero 1 kilometres" and I stopped, did a little jig and walked home feeling fantastic. Roll on Wednesday when I get to do it all again


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34 Replies

  • Best of luck, you can do it :)

  • Thank you :)

  • Hope it went brilliantly and you are on a huge high right now!

    Such a great feeling :-)

  • Thank you, it did :)

  • Nice one,Tready. I shall try sweating at anyone who gets in my way too. That'll teach 'em. There'll be no stopping you now. I must step up my training or I'll get left behind by all the panthering superwomen on this forum.


  • Tsk. Young ladies don't sweat. I'm sure Tready meant that she just glowed at them in disgust. ;-)

  • You are of course right, I was glowing all over the place.

  • Thank you Ian, it was fun and the sweating def worked

  • Wehey, well done, me in a few weeks/months hopefully!

    Enjoy Wed,


  • Are you planning to do another 10k on Wednesday?!

  • yes. Ive been adding a K a week, then running it three times, it seems to have worked for me. Im not sure what to do next though. I may do two 8/9k and one longer run per week :)

  • That's fantastic!! Well done you and and a great time :) That'll be me tomorrow, my first 10K. Hope it goes as well ..........yikes indeed!

  • Good luck. I'm sure it will go well, its a fantastic feeling when you know your going to make it :)

  • well done, sounds like you are making really good progress. Upto now I haven't used any apps like runkeeper, have just done park runs periodically alongside the pod casts. I may have to look into runkeeper etc xx Good luck on Wed's run x

  • I downloaded Runkeeper for my first ever 'run' (light canter) last night and it's really good, it tracks exactly where you've been, how fast you went, how high you climbed, etc. You can even programme the sessions in individually and it will tell you when it's time to switch to walking! Especially good if Laura's music taste is particularly drab one week :P

  • Thanks Katee, I really like Runkeeper, it lets you select which information you want it to tell you and how often and on the iPhone you can also listen to your own playlist or even a c25k podcast at the same time. I only use the free app I haven't upgraded to the paid one, I don't see the need. :)

  • Congratulations on reaching another magical milestone (should that be kilometre stone). What next, Half Marathon?

  • Well to be truthful Phil I'd never thought beyond the 10k but now I think I will train towards the half marathon. It's strange, since I bought a few things (running related) online, I keep getting invites to all sorts of events in my inbox. Who knows one of these days I may be up for a marathon!!!

  • Now you've mentioned it, it will play on your mind and next thing you'll know you'll have entered one :-o

  • Believe me if that happens everyone on this site will know about it as I will be asking for lots of support, or perhaps I mean counciling

  • There's always a half marathon to aim for!! Well done on your 10k run. This running lark feels great when it goes well doesn't it?


  • Thank you. Running is addictive and joyful, very few things beat the feeling I get after a good run. Slow steady progress towards the half marathon now but first my second 10k tomorrow. Fingers crossed

  • Good luck!

  • Thank you

  • Hi Tready! I bloody did it and in 63mins, felt fabulous as I passed the 4mile buzz on my watch I knew it felt right and I actually enjoyed the whole thing. I could've cried at the end I was so happy. I'll keep looking out to see how you are doing. You're right. You cannot beat that feeling! :)

  • Cngratulations That is fabulous, an absolutely brilliant time. No wonder you were so happy.

  • To quote the song that was number one when my wife was born, CONGRATULATIONS!

    I can only dream of reaching such exalted heights, and I have the utmost respect for anyone that achieves their goals.

    What next for you ~ apart from a well earned rest? A half marathon? Keep us posted.

  • Thankyou Sally, well in the next few minutes I'm off for my next 10k (in the rain, yeh) but after that, yes, I think a half marathon. I think it's kind of cool that I can put on a pair of trainers and run for 6.2 miles, imagine how brilliant it would be to be able to say the same about 13 miles. Wow.

    Keep going, you will get there faster than you think possible.

  • I cannot express just how much admiration I have for you and other longer-distance runners. Maybe, one day I will be able to do something like won't be for lack of trying; just lack of ability!

  • Believe me if I can do it you can. I started at 6 stone overweight and am still quite big (size 16) but its about steady progress, sensibly pushing yourself to go a little further or a little faster. But you must always be aware of your body and don't do to much to fast. Always remember its meant to be helping you get fitter but it should also be fun!

  • Just got back from my 2nd 10k. I managed to knock 4 minutes off my 1st time, not sure how. Actually that's not quite true!

    1) I didn't get lost today

    2) I never ran down a one-way street

    3) I had a better route so no zigzagging

    And finally there were no rude 6th formers blocking my path. Just goes to show that sometimes planning helps.

  • Congratulations on two fantastic runs!

    I have my first 10k race in a little over 2 weeks and have only been running between 5 and 8k in preparation. Granted, most of this has been whilst on holidays in ridiculously hot temperatures, but I worry now that I don't have the preparation or confidence to do 10k. I will be home on Sunday, so will aim for something over 8k then to try to get back on track. It's good to hear of your successes, and of how much you enjoyed it so hopefully your experience will spur me on!

  • I'm positive you can do it. It's much cooler here now and if you can run five to eight k in higher temperatures then you will definitely manage 10k here. I believe that if you have been following the programme, then extending it and training regularly the extra few k up to 10 are more about having a positive attitude. Don't forget you will also have the other runners to spur you on. I'm sure you will do it and have a great experience. Let me know how you get on.

  • I use runkeeper, and particularly like the route planner on the website. Just by clicking the map you can pan your route out and it will tell you distance. I have a few round me now locally that vary in distance and hills, but it always means I hit my desired distance without going back on myself to get to the end point. I have a 5k, 10k and a 10k hilly route saved. Once saved you can use runkeeper app to update you on how your run compares to your best time of that route.

    I plot from the end of my street so I can do a warm up walk and cool down that doesnt come off the run distance. I also don;t have a huge walk balk home.

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