C25K revisited

Hi, I did C25K quite a while back (about 3 years ago) - love running even though I am NOT a natural athlete and was one of those kids who dreaded school sports day as I came last in everything and humiliated myself by knocking over all the hurdle things etc.  I was running 2-3 times a week, 5-8 miles, and it felt good.

However.... I have had a really difficult couple of years with my teenaged son having lots of anxiety issues and low mood and haven't had the energy to do any exercise even though I know it would help me have some time to myself, keep the old body in shape, and boost my mood with the endorphins etc.

I've been thinking for some tine that this inactivity has dragged on for long enough, but couldn't somehow get myself motivated, but last Friday I got out my running shoes, charged up my iPod and off I went, back to Week 1, Run 1. It was great being out there and I am determined to complete the programme and get running regularly again.  I'm also during some strength and flexibility exercises to enhance the running, and have started Pilates classes again. 

Wish me luck!  At least starting again I KNOW I can do the programme so those gremlins won't be able to talk me down.... although I'm sure they'll try.

I'm doing the 3rd run of week 1 later today, my husband has started running again too, so we'll go out after he finishes work (part of the reason I fell by the wayside as well is that I work irregular hours including some late evenings) (but if people on night shifts can do C25K I have no excuse!)


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5 Replies

  • Good luck and welcome back!

  • Yay!  Well done on starting again.  I also successfully completed the programme several (7!) years ago and have started right from the beginning again.  It does help your confidence knowing that you CAN do it!

    Good luck (although I don't think you will need it)!

  • Well done for starting again. I work shifts and to be honest I find it quite good that I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn to go before work or later runs that the 9-5 people have to do. Good luck.

  • Welcome back, Soozz - as you say, you know you can do this so you'll soon be back in the swing of it :)  Sorry you've had a tough couple of years and I hope your son is managing better now.  My teenage daughter went through a very rough patch so I know what you mean - you spend a lot of time on them and there is little left over for yourself.  I'm glad you got out there and enjoyed it though!  Happy running, and keep posting on here to let us all know how it's going, and for support if you need it :)

  • Lovely to hear from you, Anniemurph. It's awful when they are so unhappy and push every offer of help away.

    Really enjoying getting running again though I am soon unfit!!! I did an extra week 1 run so that my husband could catch up with me and we can now go out running together (although I think running on my own is good, too!)

    Thanks for the support, I'm sure I will be on here more regularly again.

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