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Wow that holiday has set me back a bit

Back from holiday yesterday and I am tired and didnt feel like going on the treadmill at all.But that happens and once I am there I am fine.

I was running to my own music no Laura and I am trying to get used to new trainers.

Decided to do w5r3 to break me in gently got to 5 and my calves were agony made it to 8 and thought ok w5r2 is 2 x 8 minutes so will do that starte off again and got to 4 and started walking.

Not good but but something I suppose.

I may see how I feel tomorrow and try again or may wait untill Thursday.

So was it

bad day

good holiday

no Laura or shoes.

or a combination.

I know I will get back to it but feel I have lost my motivation now I have graduated.

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Everyone has bad runs sometimes, so don't be too hard on yourself. It was probably a combination of things, as you say.

About 3 years ago I competed a similar 0 - 5k programme to this one (no podcasts though, just a watch), and when I'd finished I also found it hard to keep motivated (and stopped, which is why I'm now starting again from scratch!). I think part of the reason is that there's no longer something to aim for - ie the 5k or 30mins target, and also there's a lack of structure. When I finish this time, I plan to overcome those two things by giving myself targets, eg training up to 10k, or entering a couple of races, or trying to knock some time off my average pace and personal best times for 5k, etc. And then I'm going to draw up a programme so that I have the structure to aim towards whichever target I am going for. There's loads of free schedules online which you can adapt to whatever your aim and current level is.

Hope this helps give you some ideas. I'm sure your next run will be better - maybe do one session with the podcast so you have Laura motivating you, just to prove to yourself you definitely can do it!


Thanks for that svenena I will definately use Laura next time or should I say tomorrow. Also I am hoping the new podcasts on here will be out soon.

I will though look into something else as I need a kick.


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