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Wow, that felt really good to be back out there

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I didn't know what was wrong with me! I was in a grump with work and home and soooo un-christmassy :(

So when I woke this morning and decided that I was going to try and run for a little while and see how my legs felt. Laura is back on my iPod and I decided to go for W5R1. You remember, run 5 walk 3, run 5 walk 3, run 5....... collapse :p Well that's what it used to be anyway!

So I was out there, in the dark and the rain with just Laura for company and it felt really really good and I was happy again. I can't believe how much effect running has on my mood and how bad I've been feeling because I haven't been able to run.

So today, I've decided that it doesn't matter how long it takes me to get back to running 30 minutes or even 5K, I'm not going to push myself too hard now. Laura will stay with me for the next few weeks or maybe months, until I can afford to buy myself a nice Garmin or something like. If I need to walk, I will do so without feeling guilty.

And the best bit, I am going to run for enjoyment, so Nike+ is out. Although it's nice to keep a track of your runs and exercise, it puts on far too much pressure and I don't need that sort of pressure. I need to be able to relax when running, I have enough stress elsewhere.

So on that note kiddies, I'm off to do some relaxing baking, which is another thing I haven't done in a long time, and make myself even happier :)

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Nice blog, totally agree with you regarding just getting out there and doing what you can.

This is your own personal time, its not a race, so enjoy it.

I use the week 9 podcast just to see how I go and how I feel at each stage, other times I just run for the fun of it. I don't ever feel guilty if I need to walk now too ( especially with those steep hills).

Good luck out there.

Good luck shaz. I am going to try and start w4 tomorrow or maybe even today :-) Ed

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Must be the time of year, I was running three times a week and doing 7k in 30 minutes then everything went to pot. The boiler packed in on the coldest days and the thought of going for a run and coming back to a cold house just didn't feel right, kept making excuses not to go.Boilers okay now but I seem to have lost my mojo, anyhow tonight I went for a run and it was great, ok I didn't do 7k but it was good to get back out there. So whatever you can do on your run is an achievement, you've come this far, so well done on getting back out there.

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Welcome back, eshaz!! If you can't run for yourself, why run? :-)

Keep Running!! :-)


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Glad to hear you are back out there Sharyn! Take it easy and yes, run just to enjoy it and to de-stress yourself. Thats what I do too; even though I have my garmin I dont put any pressure on myself to run for a certain time or distance and love that freedom.

Sue x

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