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Talking to the ultra-runner at work the other day, he said he had 6 pairs of trainers for his running. At first, I couldn't believe it but then he broke them down: -

2 pairs of every training shoes (alternates)

1 pair of cross country

1 pair of sprint

2 pairs of marathon trainers.

So it's kinda understandable but it got me thinking - why would anyone train in one pair of trainers and then have a different pair for races? Is there a particular reason for that?

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From the little I've read, I think race trainers may be lighter - they may also wear out quicker, hence you wouldn't wear them for everyday training.

Cross country/trail shoes will have better grip.

That's the extent of my "expertise" !! ;-)

I'd like some trail shoes 'cos I like mud but I don't think race shoes would make any discernible difference to my speed at the moment.....


I have 3 pairs of trainers which feels too many but I wear them all!

1 main pair for road running

1 pair of trail shoes

1 pair that i wear for British Military Fitness classes - I wouldn't want to ruin my expensive road trainers but you need proper running trainers for the classes.


I'm now the proud owner of two pairs of running shoes. :) Got my original running shoes (lightweight, slightly tight-fitting, two years old but not seen much running until now) which I plan to keep for the treadmill/indoor use in future, and some Goretex shoes for outdoors which I hope will keep me running in all weathers/terrains eventually. I haven't worn the new ones yet (they arrived yesterday) but they should be going on a trial run outdoors tomorrow (w3, r2).

If, I mean when, I eventually become a running addict ;) then I can see that I will need more shoes than this. At least one pair each for road, trail, training, indoors and probably extra outdoors ones for when they get wet. Six pairs is starting to sound quite reasonable!


I realised this week that I need more than one pair of trainers. I couldn't go running the other day because they hadn't dried out from the last run..


oh good point! I'd hate to not run because my trainers were damp!

Right! I'm getting myself down to the local Runners Need and will get my gait checked, and then grab me some new 'race' trainers in prep for my 10k but can also act as my backups should my normal trainers fail.


I just invested in my second pair of shoes, Brooks Adrenaline for $150. I've had my first pair for 7 months and ran the soles off them. I came to realisation on sunday after a very long run that i was in need of new ones... it was fun shopping for them this time because i knew what i wanted and needed. We are lucky with the weather and i never have the issue of wet runners... but i do have a pair of old cross trainers i use for Bootcamp cause i dont want to get my good shoes dirty.

I would love to get more pairs just to have a choice...

I had to laugh at a pair of runners i saw the other day. They had toes in them just like the 80's toe socks. I can't help but think they would feel weird!


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