Wk 9 and 5K - I did it!!

Week 9 and on R3 I actually managed to reach 5K.

Ok it was 40 minutes but I did it and I feel great! I started the podcasts at the beginning of Feb and struggled to get past week 2 but thanks to my family and the support from reading the blogs from you guys I've got here.

Now all I need to do is graduate and carry on running, which I will do as I want to get to 10K in order to do a charity run next year. (Got a bit of time then to reach that goal!)

Is it just me or has anyone else felt quite upset to think Laura won't be a regular part of my life anymore? Maybe it was the emotion of finishing but I almost cried!

Thankyou C25K and Laura.

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  • Many congratulations to you. I think you are amazing. Well done you x

  • Thankyou. I am so pleased with myself I can't stop smiling!

    I never realised how much I would enjoy running and I definitely will carry on.

  • Well done and congratulation for finishing and reaching 5K. :-) Doesn't Laura do the follow on podcast 5k+?

  • I didn't realise that she did but having downloaded that podcast tonight I found you are right, thanks.

  • Wow! Congratulations on a fantastic achievement!

  • Well done. Not many reach 5K by graduation. Contact Admin for your graduate badge. Happy running. :-)

  • Thank you I will :-)

  • Congratulations and enjoy the smiling :D

  • Congratulations on your graduation - a fantastic achievement :)

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