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First Time Over!

Made it back home, although very red in the face! Went with hubby, who thought my brisk walk wasn't very brisk!! (have to admit he may have been right, although it was faster than I usually walk)

We went round our local park and saw baby ducks on the lake, which were cute. Was horrified to see loads of people watching dragon boat racing, luckily they seemed to find it more interesting than watching me, though I felt very self conscious

Plan to go agfain on Tuesday (hope iit doesn't rain)

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This is the start of something, your going to enjoy this.


Hope so!!


Well done ! And you will soon get less self conscious - concentrating on what you are achieving will seem far more important and engrossing than worrying about what anyone else thinks. I usually smile and say hello, rather than try and look inconspicuous - it actually makes it more fun !

To be honest, the majority of people probably admire you for making the effort.


As a tubby 50 something red faced woman I wish I was inconspicuous! I will have to stick with trying for a smile - I feel it may be more of a grimace, and I haven't the breath for a 'hello'!!


I am a 50 something nobody is going to admire me when I am puffing around the lanes. I don't care. I used to drive past people especially on a weekend and I used to think why don't you chill. What a fool I was. If people want to laugh at me I don't care. I am feeling better in mind and body than I have for years.

Go for it.


Well done! 60 seconds is a blooming long time when trying to persuade the body to run lol.

I'm thinking you might be somewhere near me (Northampton?) as when we set off for 'Runnng School' this morning it was all very pleasant until we rounded the corner into the crowds of people getting ready for the dragon boat races, eek! I was tempted to 'swoon' in front of the lovely firemen but managed to resist and concentrated instead on not embarrassing myself too much and running through the crowd. Then promptly collapsing into a walk as we rounded a corner and were out of sight.

Keep going, it gets better and better and is highly addictive, I'm six weeks in and I have a 25 min run to do tomorrow, double eek! Wonder if those firemen might still be around......


No where near you I'm afraid. Dragon boat racing must be taking over the country.

Well done you, still cann't ever imagine running for 25 minutes, 60 seconds was bad enough!


Hi Springsteen, I did my week 1 run 1 this morning and I too tried to go as incognito as possible but as a 5ft 11 in woman in bright blue with light blonde hair I think my chances of fading into the background are not hopeful. I don't actually think anybody is that bothered about people running along these days, running is so popular that you see people sprinting, jogging and in my case shuffling everywhere you look. I'm running on Tuesday morning next, we've done it once and we can do it again - good luck to us both!


I shall probably do mine on Tuesday afternoon. I'm sure no-one thinks anything of it, just me being daft.

Good luck for Tuesday - I'll be thinking of you


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