Week 3 Day 3

I did the third run this past Friday (the 13th) and it was the hardest run of the week. Several times I nearly gave up and walked, but I'm glad I didn't, as just a few seconds after I was tempted to quit Laura came on and said it's time to slow down to a walk. By the end of the second 3 minute run I was really struggling, but persevered and walked a third lap around the housing estate.

(more detailed blog: tinyurl.com/blwzqwl)

I'm not sure what made the third run so difficult. It was a nice cool morning, it was raining but not too much. Maybe just an "off" day?


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7 Replies

  • I've had a couple of off days where it seemed more difficult to get going for no particular reason. As a wise man (or blogger?) once said, you're still beating the person on the couch, even on an off day :)

  • That's very true!

  • Well done Muir for digging deep and keeping going, it does get easier as your body gets more used to jogging. :)

  • MuirDragonne I had the same experience on Fri 13th :-) with W3 final run, that last 3 minute run near killed me. Was fearful of W4 but did first this morning and found it not bad at all, who knows why some runs seem harder than others. Best wishes for week 4!

  • Thanks! You too! It's neat that there are (that I know of) 4 people doing week 4 around the same time.

  • I found that Laura had an amazing ability to tell me to walk just as I reached the point of not being able to run any more! Well done you for sticking with it and completing the run. Onwards and upwards! ;-)

  • Well done for keeping going. I know what you mean about Laura encouraging you on, the first 3 minute run she said "You're halfway there" and then the second when she spoke it was to say "You've done 2 minutes". Nice surprise! So then i only had to stagger on for another 60 seconds. You're right about some days being better than others, for no obvious reason. Ah well, as Pingle says, onwards and upwards!

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