W1 again but got "shin splint" pain

Hi all. What a friendly bunch ;-)

I've done 4 Moonwalks (26 mile walking challenges) but wanted a new challenge. Have never run in my puff!! Very overweight, have asthma and am the poster perfect couch potato. Started this programme last week and did first 2 days of wk 1. Restarted on wk 1 today (3rd run). Very very painful shins today though, was almost sick with the pain. Does anyone have any helpful hints or pointers for me please? Thanks all in advance :-)


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  • What shoes are you running in? I suffered with shin.splints years ago when I.ran on the treadmill. I only used off the shelf trainers never got.fitted for.running trainers and it put me off running. I have.never suffered on this programe but I've always ran in my running trqiners. and I.run outur gait analysed and get some proper shoes inin case it's that?

    Or maybe a physio.would advise

  • Could be something to do with the way you run. I had to stop for a few weeks with shin splints, but I had the gait analysis done and found that my shoes weren't right for me. I also invested in calf compression thingies, and I haven't had any problems since then

  • Thanks for the responses folks. I am wearing Brooks which were fitted for my last Moonwalk. I suppose realistically they've possibly lost their support as I used them for 4 months of training (upward of 200ish miles) plus the actual event and been wearing them about once a week since.

    Would my gait be different between walking or running? I over pronate so wonder if I should go back and get rechecked??

    Out this a.m and wasnt as painful until the 5th set of running, but stretched them better before going (thanks Kittykat). Don't tell anyone, but I think I'm quite enjoying it :-)

  • Hi, I'm a veteran Moonwalker too. Well done on the marathons :)

    I started running over 2 years ago and yes your gait and feet strike are totally different depending on whether you're power walking or running. I had bad shins at the start too because I was heel striking (as you do when power walking) but I was told to pretend that you are running in bare feet. You would never naturally put your heel down first. It takes a bit of getting used to but I have never had shin pain since. Good luck with the training x

  • Hi. I had this problem for the first couple of weeks and got great advice on here. What I worked out was that I was probably striding out too much and hitting down on my heels too hard. I shortened my stride to make sure my foot was landing under me, slowed down a bit (necessary from wk 3 on to keep going) and have had no trouble since other than the occasional ache.

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