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Yes.....just smashed W5R3!!

I managed to get out for my early morning run this morning and completed W5R3!! Feel like a proper runner now!

It was tough and I was nervous before as its quite leap forward! I totally believe its a mental challenge as well as physical! I'm not a great fan of the music either but was just listening out for Laura updates and it got me through!

Might repeat this run on Thursday as well before moving on, just so I know it wasn't a one off!

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Incredibly well done, ice!! It is indeed quite a leap and YOU DID IT!! :-) I also believe that you are spot on about it being as much mental as it is physical! You conquered both! Well done, you!

I must ask though, why repeat it again this week? YOU DID IT! If I remember correctly, the final run next week and all of the runs after that will be even longer. Each one of those runs will be proof that this one was not a one off!! YOU DID IT...rejoice and push on!! Just my 2¢. :-)

Keep Running!! :-)



Well done Icequeen5. I bet it felt amazing...and a bit unreal? I did W5R3 for the first time this morning too...

I've never tried running before and I never considered myself an early morning person but I've amazed myself. I was nervous last night and a bit doubtful about trying it. I'd done each of the other weeks twice because I was literaly Couch to.. and - as I'm a little older than I like, I wanted to give myself a reasonable chance.

Like you I'm thinking of doing it again... well, we both have 36 hours to think about it!

Good luck whatever you's nice to have shared the day with someone else.


Woo hoo well done that is brilliant, you should be very very proud :-)


Well done icequeen5, I've just done W5R2 so your post has made me feel I too can make it through R3. Congratulations!!! (Well done c25ktyrer too!)


Well done you too, what a cluster of stars!



Thank you everyone for your comments and words of encouragement!

C25ktyrer its great to hear you're at the same stage as me! It felt amazing completing the 20 minute run! I repeated some of the earlier runs as well so I know how you feel. Generally I'm aweful at getting out of bed in the morning but as I'm trying to catch the only hours of daylight I can at the moment which is first thing in the morning, I haven't found it too bad. I plotted my distance on google maps tonight and apparently I ran 2.4k! That means I managed to cover nearly half the distance! I'm amazed.

Leyther1 congratulations on W2R2. Good luck with your next can do it!


Well done on your brilliant achievement you should be SO proud, it is up to you if you repeat, I know I found run 1 of week 6 a toughie (you would think it wouldnt be after run 3 week 5 but somehow it is!) so you judge it yourself. Either way, brilliant progress!


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