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Week 5 problems?

So I successfully completed week 5 runs 1 and 2 this week, but went out yesterday morning for the 20 minutes non-stop and completely failed. (I managed 8 minutes, 2 minutes, 5 minutes)

So I'm going to go back to week 5 run 2 (8 and 8, which I did, but was a struggle), and just keep doing this for a few more runs.

What do people think? I really struggled because of the hills on my run, which exhaust me entirely, and which I normally have to tackle, but don't normally have to continue for another 13 minutes afterwards!

I'm worried that I won't manage to move on, and there's no route nearby that avoids these dreaded hills!

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I feel for you. those hills are sooooo tough & hard to master. it has taken me 18months to manage them! I make sure I keep my head up (usually look down worrying about how big it is & how long to go), breathe deeply & take it really slow. slow is the only way to go for me & hills.

is it possible to slow down a bit? or perhaps do your route the other way round so that it is new & distracts you? or maybe drive or bus somewhere flatter? do you have a park with a football pitch you could run round nearby? have heard of people doing this.

dont get too disheartened. this plan is supposed to challenge you. just take a step back like you are planning to (great idea) & have another go after your confidence is up again ~ Im sure you will get there. youve already come this far & 8 minutes is already a huge achievement in itself :)

for me, putting on 80s music that I love (everybody wants to rule the world, wham, all that stock aitken & waterman stuff) gets me in a really good positive happy mood & that helps to send those running demons away.

good luck. hope to hear that next time was great :)


I failed W5R3 at the first attempt too. I had a couple of extra rest days and made sure I was mentally prepared before trying again. I tried again because I felt it was an important landmark run to complete, second time I managed it and I've not had a problem with any runs up to today W7R3.

Try again in a couple of days, I'm sure you'll surprise yourself.


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