New graduates

Just a quick message to say well done to all of the new graduates in the past week and sorry for being a bit tardy in awarding you your badges. It's a very busy time at NHS Choices towers at the moment. You should all have them now, but if I've missed anyone out then shout at me and I'll get to it :-)

The final bits of work are being done to Couch to 5k+ and the Strengh and Flex podcasts and we're still aiming for this month. As always with these things, it's the final tweaks and technical bits that take longer than you think.

Have a good weekend all



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21 Replies

  • You must be working extra hard at the moment, but we are all really looking forward to the new podcasts: a big thank you!!

  • Thank you for my lovely shiny graduate badge (awarded within hours of me earning it!). Looking forward to the new podcasts. :-)

  • Thankyou John for my badge. It made my day to see it this morning! ;)

  • Hiya, I graduated on the 1st July, so I might have been missed :)

  • Yay, thank you, it looks great next to my name!!

    In my first week after graduation, I have managed 4.5k in 30 minutes, so gotta keep going and speed up that little bit more :)

  • Looking forward to getting our hands on the new Podcasts, I think I can speak for everyone when I say we are all excited. Also would never shout at you John we know how hard you are all working, gentle polite reminders is the way to do it every time. :)

  • thanks for my graduation badge, it made my day. really looking forward to new podcasts, can't wait!! :-)

  • Yey! I can't wait for the new podcasts. I never thought i'd get excited about any sort of exercise let alone running!

    I must be going crazy :)

  • How do I know if I have mine

  • Ooooooh. There its not. boo hoo

  • Looking forward to the new podcasts too.

    Impressed by the number of graduates coming through. How about a graduates "board" on the site each day or week?

  • Any news on the tee shirts yet please JR21? We seemed to make a lot of progress and it would be a shame if we lose the momentum as everyone is excited about them...

  • I'll chase up on the t-shirts today. The designer has got the brief so it's just a case of him finding the time to fit the work in.

  • Can you explain what the difference between the Couch to 5k+ podcast and the Strength and flexibility podcast please. Is the 5k+ to bridge towards 10k and 1 hr of running, but the strength is increasing speed, but sticking to 30 min programme?

    Any info would be great...a sneek peek to see what to look forward too! (I'm on Wk5R1 tomorrow...)

  • Hi Jamie,

    Couch to 5k+ is all about building up pace and improving your technique so you can tackle longer distances. Strength and flexibility is a separate guided programme to help anyone improve these two elements of their body. It'll obviously help anyone doing Couch to 5k or who is moderately active but can help people who do no exercise and haven't done Couch to 5k as well. I hope that answers your question.

    As for a sneak peak, both podcasts are due out this month so you've not got long to wait. We did share some early versions a couple of months ago (if you have a search on the site you may find a link) but things have moved on quite a bit since then.

    Best wishes


  • Fantastic!

    Thanks John for the info! I think i will be taking advantage of both of these upcoming podcasts when they come out! I've just completed W5R2...can't believe I can jog for 8 mins guys are miracle workers! And now i'm past the halfway mark!

    Thanks for all your help! And hopefully I'll see you on the other side of the dreaded W5R3....woooo!


  • I graduated on Monday, never did I think I would get to the end. Now the hard bit starts, running without Laura. Can I have a graduate badge please?!

  • I've sent you a message but thought I'd try on here too to get my graduate badge. Can I have one please, finished C25K on Saturday last. Thank you.

  • maybe this isn't the right place to ask for it, but I tried another thread earlier this week and had no luck. I have completed C25K and would also love to have a shiny green GRADUATE badge next to my silly screen name. Thank you :)

  • Use the message function above and send a message to JR21 directly asking for your badge

  • thanks, this post went in the wrong place completely, sorry. I actually wrote a message saying well done especially after your knee injury etc...;)

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