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Week 3, run 2

I did this run last night, and it went really well. I set off in an excellent mood, because the sun was shining for the first time in days (I am not liking the lack of summer this year AT ALL). I felt really positive throughout, and was still smiling by the end. Strangely, I found the 3 minute runs easier than the 90 second ones. I think it's because you have more time to find a rhythm for your breathing, etc. I'm definitely finding the breathing side of things more of a challenge than the leg-moving part at the moment. Hopefully my cardiovascular system will start improving over the next couple of weeks.

I usually run on Tuesdays, Thursdays and at the weekend, but I'm now a day behind due to a terrible night's sleep on Monday which meant napping instead of running after work on Tuesday, so I'll probably have to do run 3 tonight. I know that rest days are important, but I think I'll have to make an exception this time, especially as my legs are doing okay. I can't do run 3 tomorrow as Friday = pub night :o)

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I think you're absolutely spot on about the longer runs giving you time to get a rhythm. These early weeks are all about learning how to run...mindset, pacing, not falling

I hope you don't have any problems after back to back runs....yes, the rest days are important, but we sure don't want to cut into pub time now, do we...?

Good running to you!


Pub motivation is important! It takes me a bit of time to get going so totally understand why you would find the 3 minute runs easier! Happy running in the sun (please send it to Somerset).


Sadly the sun has now gone (maybe it has headed to Somerset?) - back to miserable grey skies and rain here.

Did the third run this evening, and although it wasn't quite as enjoyable as yesterday, I still managed it, and I've now finished week 3, hurrah! My legs were definitely more tired as a result of missing the rest day, but I don't think I've done any long term damage, and I can now enjoy my cocktails tomorrow night, guilt-free.

Looking forward to week 4. Off to have a peek at what's involved (to scare myself). Tomorrow morning I'm going to weigh-in, so fingers crossed that's moving in the right direction.


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