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5:2 diet & running 3 days a week

my question is what days would you fast as I like to try & run 3 days a week & would prefer to have a decent meal the night before my run, which is always a morning run. wasnt sure if you did the fast on the day you ran or the day before? thanks for any advice. shelley

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I am doing 5:2 and I've just finished w9 r3. I fast on Mondays and Thursdays. Sometimes I run on my fast day and sometimes I don't depending on how it fits in with life. I don't think the fasting affects my running (which is very slow anyway!) but I do find I run faster if I've had more than one rest day between runs. Not sure if this answers your question very well.


thankyou for your reply. good to know I can still run on a fast day. was hoping so as didnt want to run on complete empty. x


I fast on Mon & Weds and don't usually run on those days as this fits my routine but like loulou I have run/exerised on fast days with no ill effects.

It really is a brilliant eating programme as you can manage it to fit your lifestyle and fast when you want. Sometimes I do 7am-7am others it's 2pm-2pm. Main thing above all is to keep hydrated.

Just found this web site which may be helpful - Michael Mosley/Mimi Spencer's site - so should have some useful info on it.


thankyou annie. I like the idea of the lunchtime to lunchtime. that would work well with my long run which is usually 6 miles or more so at least I could eat before the run, even if it was only ready brek which is my usual "fuel" for a long run.

will look at the site you mentioned in a min. have just finished the kate harrison 5:2 book that was really helpful.

my problem was that when I was training for a half marathon I was eating all the calories Id earned on my longer runs, plus lots more & have gained about half a stone. not good. am finding it really difficult keeping to 1400 calories a day in order to lose a lb a week & havent been successful with myfitnesspal.com

how do you find the fast days? & do you pig out on the feast days??

think I may start this tomorrow. wish me luck :)


I fast Mondays and Thursdays and defo don't run on those days. I also am not at present running the day after a fast til I get used to it. Good luck


that was my fear aswell. not having enough energy to run after a fast day. I think I have managed to work out how to do it though. will have a 2 day break before my long run & then fast on that day going from lunchtime to lunchtime the following day, then fast on my normal run days aswell. that way I will still be able to have a healthy days eating in-between. how are you getting on with it & how long have you been doing this plan?


Looks like the link didn't work. Site is:-


Has 5:2diet information, articles by MM, Q&As and blogs - not all complimentary!


I fast Tuesdays and Thursdays, I usually try to run Mon Wed Friday and either a Saturday or Sunday. I have also run in the evening (7pm) on Fast days before my meal and occasionally have not felt very energetic but on the whole I haven't noticed any difference


thankyou for the reply. good to know that others can run with this type of "lifestyle" hehe. how are you getting on?


Weight loss very slow I had lost 6lbs but have put 2 back on, however I have upped my exercise a bit, I don't really have much to lose to be honest, but I find it really good because you only have to be really strict 2 days a week and I can live with that. The reason I think I have put on is because I kept sneaking in a few calories over the 500 lol but i'm back on track again


This is also a really useful forum for chatting, advice and tracking progress on 5:2, 6:1, ADF or 4:3. Lots of friendly, helpful people including a nerdy section for those interested in the science or statistics.



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