Couch to 5K

I've pushed W7 and now I've done W8R1

O, well! I know that there are hundreds of people who have already completed W9; but for me, it's been month trying to move on from W7. And I did it, 2 days ago! I'm so happy for it. And today I manage to move my body out of bed and got ready to go for my run. I've started W8!

I was later than usual and there were many more cars than earlier in the day; so I'll try to stick to my usual time.

The run wasn't bad, at all! I kept saying to myself: "I'm running only 3 more minutes than 2 days ago." It helps me a lot when I can go for a run, sets my day and energy levels. I feel as if I could do anything!

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Well done! Another one bites the dust :) Not far to go now...


Well done, i also say similar things,

"only 10 more minutes, done that before, keep going"

"only 5 minutes left, would hate to stop now"



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