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first proper run in a week since my confidence battering

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hi all. today I forced myself outside for a proper run. its the first time outside since I fell over on my long run last week & I spent the first mile & a half of my 4 miles wishing I was still in bed.

my confidence has really taken a battering ~ if I didnt have an event booked for 4 weeks I dont think I would have bothered today. have been feeling quite down & sore most of the week.

on the positive side though I did manage 4miles on the cross trainer at the gym thursday (thank heaven for gym memberships).

I will go out monday for my long run so that I wont have missed a run this week. I have an 11 mile run to do this week so hubby is gonna drop me off a few miles away after the school run.

4 weeks to go. wish me luck!

gonna be cheeky now... if anyone wants to sponsor me Im running for Send-a-Cow

thanks, shelley x

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Well done for getting back out there - Hope you raise enough for a herd of cows!


Attagirl. We did Send-a-Cow instead of Xmas cards at work a few years ago. Raised enough to send a couple of goats and a few chickens too.


You are sponsored - hope that cheers you up a bit! It's tough getting out there when not feeling your best, so well done you.

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just got the sponsorship notification. thankyou. & thats a very big thankyou :) I have some sponsorship on paper & not sure yet how to update my page with it so it is fantastic to get it started with this new-fangled electronic sponsorship up & running.

thanks so much again. shelley X

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You're welcome! Makes me feel good too! That must be all of a tuft on a cow's tail!


Well done Shelley! It's not easy getting back out there after a tumble; I was the same for a while but it feels great when you do! :)

Best of luck with the training! Sue x

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just turned my computer on to see even more sponsorship. thankyou!!!!! I am actually looking forward to getting out again tomorrow now. I have a much bigger incentive. thankyou all you lovely people. shelley x

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