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Soaked through but done!

Week 4 run 3 DONE!

It was (and still is) pouring down but after some stressful phone calls first thing this morning I felt the need to run. So the dog and I set off and before I had even done the 5 min walk we were soaked through. By that point I realised I may as well carry on because I couldn't get any wetter.

I was so busy trying to dodge puddles and mud I hardly had chance to realise how far I was running and it was over before I knew it! I am so proud of myself that I have stuck at it this long. My progress will slow down over the summer holidays as I will only be able to run either with my 7 year old or at a weekend only when my husband is home. I will do what I can though and hopefully maintain a decent level at running and pick up the program in September. Meanwhile week 5 can be dine before they break up. eek

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Well done you for going out, it's nice to be cool isn't it but all this rain is getting to be a bit of a pain!

I know what you mean about stress, I had my best ever run after my wages failed to turn up in my account after that recent banking debacle, I was poor but speedy!

Don't fret about only be able to run at the weekends over the summer holidays, your body doesn't forget the work you've put in and as you say you can pick it back up in September.

Enjoy W5!


Thanks. I have found a local family 4km fun run in September that my son has said he would like to do with me so I will do some short training wih him too. I'm looking forward to that.


Well done, living proof week 4 is possible! I'm still struggling. I'll get to week 5 one day


It is definitely possible! Keep going.


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