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First run back after injury.

After a visit to the osteopath this morning and a much improved back I decided to get back on the wagon. It's been a few weeks. I tried one run a couple of weeks ago it was terrible. So have rested. I wanted to make sure I didn't make anything worse so I jogged at a nice steady 7.5kph. Not knowing my fitness and how much I could tolerate I tried out a week 3 run.

It was nice and not too straining. I could feel the back twinging as I got to the end of the run, so just right. I decided to do an extra ten minutes of walking with a gradient at the end.

My heart rate seemed to stabilise quite low for me at 150 ish while running. I suppose it's the short bursts. When I could do half an hour running it would hit 180 by the end.

It feels good to get back out there, even if it feels I have stepped back three months.

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Oh well done on getting back to running.

Going through the same thing myself at the moment ...trying to build back up to the magical 30 minutes after 5 weeks off.

Managed week 6 run 3 last time, have decided to try short bursts of intervals next..

Keep going nice and steady...... good luck ! :)


Nice to see you back Gazter, hope it all goes well for you.


That's what's keeping me going, knowing I can get back soon. Recovering from shin splints :( Had 2 weeks off, now, so may go back to Wk1 as don't want to risk injury again! :)


me too! I have had about 4 weeks off running so far....shin splints (or a possible stress fracture - Dr wasnt sure!) I didnt go for a scan and I can still feel twinges of pain - cant hop on the affected leg properley yet... but I am determined to start again (which I will have to I guess at week 1 or 2 because am doing nothing else) great to read your blog - good luck!


nice to see see you back. Excellent self control resting up there, it is incredibly hard isn't it!


Yes! Mind you, not missing running when I see all the downpours we've been having lately...:)


Good luck to all! Just not worth going back too soon, when you know you've got years ahead to run in...


Thanks all :)


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