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Week 7 Finally done

Took a bit longer than I thought due to the extra long breaks between runs but I have finally finished week 7 today :)

Sort of cheated on week 9 as I wanted to see if I could run 30 minutes and just kept going for another 5 minutes. I managed to keep going for the whole time which was just amazing to me :)

As I know I can do it, I will just keep trying to do the 30 minutes for the next 6 runs but try to increase my pace a bit, if I struggle I will slow down.

Oh lost a bit of weight last week which cheered me up and finally put me below the 20st point. Now its been a good long time since I was below 20st.

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Well done on the running and the weight loss!! Looking forward to joining you in Wk8.


Well done Zagel, you've made what seemed like impossible last week, possible these next few runs, we all knew the weight would start to come of if given time, must be a great feeling. Running for 30 mins wow. :)


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