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Week 2, Run 1 - hello Stitch, it's been absolutely ages!

Hang on, what happened to Week 1, Run 3? My first fail. I was going to run - run seems like the wrong word, it's mostly walking interrupted by my pathetic attempt at some kind of jog but I'll stick with it - I was going to run on Friday, but it was too rainy. I mean really severe weather warning rainy. Satuday, was too, er, Saturday-y. I did manage to sneak out Sunday morning though - all good nothing to report, sheep happy, legs fine, bowels in full working order. Tick.

Today, Week 2! I suppose I should've had a rest day but what the heck. I felt fine.

I had a bit of a nostalgia rush today. Briefly transported back to the 80s. Maybe it was just being outside moving more than 2mph, the wind in my baldness and the smell of privet & cut grass that did it? For me half the novelty of this running (said it again) lark is just being outside for longer than it takes to walk to the car. No. What really carried me back to heady days of youth was the return of the stitch! Hello Stitch, it's been absolutely ages! and oww, stitch!

Tomorrow rest day? Or should I keep this up, maybe repeat week 1 on week 2's rest days. I missed "This is the greatest day" today. Is it on iTunes?

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Yes, take your rest day! Stitch can be controlled by drinking before you start. I don't think you need to repeat wk 1 (certainly not on your rest days!) and I'm glad your body seems to have decided to cooperate with this running habit you're trying to develop. Sounds as if you're doing well and finding lots to enjoy so keep it up and keep blogging! :)


Lol... Great work. Almost fell over laughing at 'the wind in your baldness'...


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