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Help with running shoes!

I've been looking on the internet for running shoes as its my birthday soon but there are too many to choose from!

I have high arches and I think I'm an underpronator as the band between my forefoot and heel is quite small. Anyone know any good value/cheap shoes or have similar feet yourselves and have good shoes?

Any advice much appreciated :D

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I went to Runners Need yesterday to have gait analysis, and found that really helpful. I didn't feel pressured into buying (though I did, but will be internet shopping for the future I think). I would recommend getting the right shoes fitted - better that than injury. Online, I find quite good - they seem to have a good range and good prices. I've not bought shoes from them though, only clothing.


Shoes are one of the few items that I have problems with buying on the internet - and running shoes need to be a good fit.

I think you really need to try on shoes before you buy. If you are have a specialist running shop like Sweatshop anywhere near you then go in and get some good advice - it'll be worth it. Even if you don't buy what they recommend there and then, you'll know for sure what type of shoe will be best for you.

Personally I run in Aldi's finest ;) but I'll be treating myself to a proper pair soon. :)


Run-4-It is also a good running shop and I would strongly advise getting your gait checked out first. Wrong fitting shoes will lead to loads of injury and lots of pain, well worth paying that bit extra for properly fitted shoes and good socks.


I found Sweat shop to be helpful. I went looking for shoes but just came away with lots of advice. My husband did buy a pair of shoes but wasn't pressured to do so. I would have gone back but it was a bit too far to pop back to so I went to a local specialist for gait analysis before purchasing any shoes.


Run 4 it went to them and an highly recommend them very helpful not at all pushy really encouraging. My new brooks vapour 10's are fab I still get a sore arch so arch supports are next


I went to RUN in West Worthing - was horrified to be video'ed running, but was interesting to see how my right leg kicked out, and then turned back in .... I thought I just put one foot in front of the other! New shoes weren't cheap, neither were the socks, but they have made much more of a difference than I would have believed.

Chap wasn't pushy - I went in to get a pair of shoes that fitted, and came away with a pair that did. Didn't try to get me to buy anything else, which I was relieved about.

I have high arches, and the shoes are Brooks and they are just so comfortable, I don't know I've got them on.

Maybe go and get a properly fitted pair (I paid £85) and then get them on the net???


Hiya, sorry I'm later than the others with this reply. Internet probs yesterday! :( I browsed online and thought I'd find what I wanted at fewer pounds than those in a high street. However, I also ventured into a! I had my gait analysed, mirror images copied of my footfall, treadmill ran on video, and walked up and down the shop floor while being carefully scrutinised! Afterwards a delightful guy explained that I was over pronating - he drew lines on pictures of my legs/ankles to show where the bones were directed at each and every footfall. He was kind, sympathetic, enthusiastic about my efforts with C25K, and not, ever, one tiny bit pushy. As a runner himself, he started to explain what might occur as a result of my gait, ie foot, ankle and knee pains - he didn't need to convince me ... at the time I was repeating week 4 (unhappily) and had very painful knees already! I ended up buying beautifully comfy Brooks shoes (they were a size larger than my normal shoes to provide support for my forefoot and toes) and also a custom moulded foot support, which I was told will be good for three pairs of shoes. I believe I tried four or five slightly different styles/shapes/sizes of shoes before we both decided which were the best for me!

I've now been running with these for a few weeks: I no longer have painful feet and knees! :)

So, please believe me, this is not an advert for one particular shop, but it is a recommendation that you give a decent shop near you the chance to analyse your running style and to help you find the best shoes for you. I suspect that many of the specialist running outfitters have staff who actually know what they are talking about, and this can be so assuring for such an important first purchase! Truly, I am an avid online shopper usually, but on this occasion, I was 100% happy with the person to person advice I received, and I know my running is better now as a result! Good luck with your shopping and lots of pain free success in your weeks ahead on C25K. Cheers :D Linda


Brooks is committed to building great running gear with minimal impact on humanity and the earth.

Happy Shopping


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