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20 minutes done! Feel so proud :)

YES! I did it!

I was a bit scared to go out today, knowing what was in store. When Laura announced the first five minutes were up, I gulped a bit, because there seemed so much more to do. Pressed on though, getting a few smiles from people I passed. Then it was halfway and time to turn back. I knew I was going slow, but at least I was going. A very fast runner shot past, but I refused to feel foolish. By then, I was wondering how much farther I had to go. Then Laura said there were 2 minutes left. Just at that point, an old man passing in the other direction gave me a huge grin and said "Go on, girl, you can do it!" AND I DID!

Wow! I could feel myself holding my head so high as I walked back home.

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Like you I was nervous when the 5minutes were up. And I did have to slow down for the last 5 mins, but I cant believe I did it! Amazing!

Well done you!!!! I totally get your sense of achievement, and what an achievement it is! Im cautiously optimistic for week 6. You?


Hi Rich, yes I'm hoping Week 6 will go well and also that I'll start to see at least a tiny increase in speed.


Congratulations to you well done ! I did the day two run this evening and am dreading the 20minute run nice to hear it is achievable, hopefully I'll complete it Saturday


Will be awaiting your Saturday report, 44cmm!


Ah well, here goes. Will be back in about an hour and will report success, or otherwise


Well done to all of you. Love the old man. I could do with bumping into him!!

20 minutes is making me nervous.

I have said I'm doing the W5 runs twice each as I have a new route which is much tougher. I did run two today for the first time. Will do it again Saturday.



And rightly proud. That twenty minute run will stay in your memory as a real milestone in your running career. It is runs like yours which really bolster the confidence and self belief and now you have proved that you can do it and the next few weeks just edge you up to the magic 30 minutes. You are on a journey.........

Keep running, keep smiling.


That's great news! You must feel fantastic - well done :)


Thank you, everyone! :)


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