GRADUATED - Despite being offered a lift!

I graduated this morning, I mapped out an exact 5k route and managed it in 32.50 mins. I had to run hard to get that mind you, I was trying for the 30mins but nevermind.

The offer of a lift wasn't as bad as it first sounds, it was on my uphill warm up walk, tempted for 1/2 a second to accept!

I'm really chuffed to have graduated, I never thought I would get this far, especially as I failed two runs of W7, I also posted a question on here in W2 asking as I smoked would I have any chance of completing the plan. That question was answered for me by the lovely people on here, which gave me the confidence to continue. I haven't yet stopped smoking completely, but in W8 I have swapped my vice to E Cigarettes and I think it is already helping after just over a week.

Now onwards to B210K, which I will start on Monday with 4 x 10 mins runs, I'm looking forward to the 1 min walks already. Hopefully the longer distances will help me finally lose the last half stone and help me on my quest for a waist!

Thanks again everyone who helped me, which is everyone really as I get so much inspiration from reading the blogs and questions.


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21 Replies

  • Brillant time for a graduation run. Well done with the cigarettes. Get that badge pronto!

  • Ps Ellie is beautiful!!!

  • Thank you Rhonal, I was quite pleased with the time, I'm sure the new cigarettes have helped me. And thanks for your comment re Ellie, feel as chuffed as if you had praised my child, silly really. Good day for me today!

  • Forgot to say, your pair look lovely too. I've always had a soft spot for Labs since we had a black x one as a kid, smartest dog we ever had.

  • Well done! Great to hear you're planning bigger and faster things- that's going to help with quitting smoking, too. Everyone needs something to work for and you've obviously decided a fit and healthy body is what you want and sounds as if nothing's going to stop you. Way to go :)

  • Thank you happierswimming. It's lovely to get encouraging feedback. Isn't this site brilliant, the help and support and when you post what you aim to do it really gives you the incentive to keep at it otherwise speaking for myself, I would feel a right Charlie!

  • Well done :) Fab time for 5k!!!!

  • Thanks AliB1, that's good to hear from you, as I always read your posts and enjoy the ones about the running club and park runs. Just wish we had a parkrun near us, but no, I have to go and live out in the wilds of west wales!

  • Congratulations!

  • Thank you and congratulations on your graduation too. What are you planning to do next?

  • Really well done :)

  • Thanks, lovely to get a thumbs up!

  • Brilliant time for a graduation time. Congratulations :)

  • Thank you blueboots, I was quite pleased with it. Going to leave the 5K's now and concentrate on B210k, then after 2/3 weeks I plan to run the same route again as today and see if I am fitter and stronger.

    I am a really happy bunny today!

  • Congratulations on your graduation! Really well done! Ellie is gorgeous - I have a lovely greyhound called Elsa and two other collies and they love coming out with me now I've started going a bit faster than a walk! Enjoy your achievement.

  • Thanks suki, that's lovely to hear. We think Ellie is gorgeous too, we called her that as it's short for elegant which as you know greyhounds are! Is yours fawn coloured like a lion, cos Elsa is a brilliant name.

    I'd be interested to hear how you get on with her on the longer runs because Ellie enjoyed the shorter walk/runs but when I got on to the longer ones she didn't enjoy it, had a right face on so I don't take her now. If yours if happy with them, I'll try Ellie again as being able to run and walk the dog at the same time would be useful!

  • Brilliant time - well done! :-)

  • Thanks Moley01, I was pleased. Can't wait now to see Graduate next to my name!

  • Congrats on graduating, and with a stunning time too. I reckon that lift would be hard to resist on the way home, lol. Every time I read a story like yours on here I just want to go out and run and get closer to that wonderful goal. Best of luck with B210K (B?).

  • Thank you Legion, I look forward to seeing your graduation post.

    Perhaps, I should have accepted the lift then I could have posted 5K - 6mins! That would have looked really good on here !!!!

    Good luck with your running.

  • Well done dans mum... And good luck on your quest... He he

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