Couch to 5K

Week 2- Puddle Dodging

I've been out of shape since having my daughters, the youngest is nearly 18mths, and finally I've got my head, body and life organised enough to start this program. I run (rather slow jog actually) in the evenings when they are in bed, and find the quietest route through the village so I don't meet too many people.

Have nearly finished week 2, last run tonight and I am surprised at how much I am looking forward to going out. It is always hard work, and cuts into the time usually spent with my husband but I get a real sense of achievement from doing this. My body aches with all the muscle growing (hopefully) but a nice cold bath at the end really helps.

This week I have found that I zone out more and actually find myself thinking about other things (wildlife/whats growing/sometimes blissfully nothing at all) rather than thinking how achey or puffed out I am. Tonight though I will have to concentrate on not slipping in the mud.

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Aah, but puddle dodging is so.. GI Joe. You gotta love it. :-) :-)

Well done on starting now, hopefully you will find that these half hours you steal from your husband will add quality to the rest, with you more confident and proud. Bet your husband loves that. :-)

Good luck, keep going!


I quite like puddle dodging - keeps you on your toes, quite literally!

Well done on starting the programme, you will not regret it, and yes, you will be a more chilled and confident person when you are having some "me" time and when you are fitter.

Good luck.



Think it may be lake dodging looking out of my window at the moment. !!

Well done for starting, You'll necer look back.

I have found that my "me" running time, something I haven't had since the whole children thing either, is a small sanctuary in an otherwise busy and hectic life and it has helped me chill out as a person, allowed me thinking time, and soared my confidence in myself. I actually look forward to my running days with a warm feeling that I'm somehow more in control of my life.

Sounds rediculous I know, but hey!!

Keep up the good work and keep posting !!



That should be never not necer !! Doh !!


Puddles are great, I regularly go sploshing through peaty boggy puddles up to my knees (and then clog the shower drain getting it off) but that sticky slippy mud, especially downhill... dangerous yuk. Stay safe!


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