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C25K on hold due to knee

I'm really annoyed, I had pain in my left knee, so after doing Week 4 run 1 I rested for 6 days until the pain went away (although it still felt a little tight).

Yesterday I did Week 4 run 2 and the pain is back, not as bad, but definitely back,

Reading up on Chondromalacia (which fits the symptoms) it seems that I have no option, but to rest it for several weeks and try strengthening exercises, bugger.

It's really annoying as I felt I was doing really well, I just hope that this clears up as much to my surprise I have been enjoying running.

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Have you had your gait done? My knee was agony when I ran for a while because I was wearing the wrong shoes for my gait!

I hope it fixes soon for you :)



I went to Up and Running (prompted by the pain in my knee) and so I've done the last 4 runs in proper shoes, but I think I had done the damage by then.

So I'm hoping that the pain was originally caused by me running flat-footed in the wrong shoes and then not letting my knee recover rather than something more permanent.


How frustrating. This month's Runner's World has a page on preventing knee injury. I had very bad knee pain with heat and swelling which got better with rest and new shoes for overpronators (appartently 80% of runner's are overpronators to some degree). You'll be fine just be patient!


thanks - I've got my shoes (too late it seems). How long did you rest for? What exercises did you do whilst not able to run?


Depressing - I just re-scheduled all my remaining runs so as to take a whole 2 weeks rest before doing my final week 4 run.

I hope that 2 weeks will be long enough for knee to get better.


Just been reading your post. I have done wk4r1, which was really difficult, and badly timed as I did the last 5 min run uphill! I didn't stop but did get even slower than normal. Wk4r2 I had a very slight tightness in my right knee when I started out, but was hardly noticeable.

Today I was due to do r3, but but knee has been twingey all day at work. I did a brisk walk instead, but even then I was aware of pangs if I placed my heel first.

I totally sympathise with you as I am frustrated by the knowledge that running tomorrow would be really silly, and likely to either make my injury worse, or lengthen the recovery. But I want to run! (Who would have thought I would feel that way about running? But I do)

As you posted in July, I hope your knee is better now and you have started running again. How did you get on? What running style do you have?




it's a bit of a mixed bag really.

After my post I took a 20 day break from running and much to my surprise was able to pick it up where I left off.

All was well until I over did my Week 7 R2 and the knee registered its familiar complaint. This time I took a 25 day break as it took that long for the discomfort to completely go. However this time crucially I dug out my bike and found that the stamina I had built up was transferable - over the last 2 weekends I have done a 20 mile bike ride (1hr 30) and an 8 mile kayak (2hr 40) both non-stop and over twice the distance of my previous bests, and I've been swimming 70 lengths in 45-50 minutes, and I am exercising every day (from a level of the occasional dog stroll).

Anyhow a week ago I did Week 7 R3 first time and the pain was back, but less. Since then I have only done a quick <1 mile run whilst walking the dogs and today my knee feels OK, so the plan is to go for my week 8 r1 tomorrow morning, but prepared to pull up as soon as I feel a twinge and return to the saddle.

I am keen to get back to running as early-morning cycling is getting less attractive as the days shorten.

My running style is unknown, but slow, (<6mph), can you expand on what you mean?


Hi arablue

I did my week 8 run 1 this morning, see:

so although knees are an issue I think that with a bit of cycling and proper breaks you can work through it, but do listen to your knees, I reckon I would be a graduate by now if I had taken time out earlier and a for a bit longer



Hi Matt,

thanks for posting. :-) I put a comment on your other thread. I did cycle the other day and my knees did not like it at all! ;)

I was having shin splints which first caused me to think more about running style after reading that a shorter stride helps, as your foot is less flexed and there is less impact. I have since that learned even more about running, and certain stretches in particular for calf, hamstring and achilles make a big difference! I thought it was just a case of getting out there and flinging one leg in front of the other, but there's pose running, barefoot running, all kinds of stuff. Who knew?

Anyway, (possibly because of being 3 stone overweight) I had knee and shin pains. Now with some good stretches, and a shorter stride (landing mid foot instead of heel first) I am much better. I have a pace I like. I worried that with a shorter stride my running would get even slower(!), but actually the shorter stride means my overall pace is quicker and I get less tired so according to mapmyrun I am actually faster.

I did wk5 R1 yesterday and it was fine. I managed to find my pace quite quickly, and could have gone on if I needed to. Bring on W5D2...!


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