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An extra day off

This morning I had planned to run. After all, I didn't run yesterday and, since I started C25K I've run every other day. But, for the first time since I started, I didn't want to. My legs felt really heavy on my last run (perhaps I should have had an extra day off after running the 5K Race for Life on Sunday in 35½ minutes!!) and my calves felt even tighter than usual. On top of that, I (somehow) managed to sleep late (it was nearly 7am when I woke!!). Anyway, I thought that another day off wouldn't hurt. I felt a little bit guilty about it and it means I won't graduate on Wednesday as I had thought I might.

And then I realised. I can't run on Saturday anyway as my husband's away for the weekend and I can't leave my little (3 year-old) boy alone in the house while I go running so I feel better about not running today. I'll run tomorrow morning, have the weekend off and do week 9 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of next week. Two 2-day breaks. Wow!

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I think Iam still recovering from RFL on Sunday. I have had two runs since but definitely felt them! I think physically it was a huge achievement for us and our bodies are probably rebelling now. I have run every other day throughout the programme too and perhaps I should have had 2 days between RFL and the next run. Ah well, hindsight ...!

Good luck witgh the rest of the programme. Nearly there and you are really speedy too! :)


I didn't feel particularly speedy. And I think I could have been faster on the RFL were it not for the congestion. That said, I only covered about 4K in 28 minutes on Tuesday. It's a paradox that it is both easier and harder to run faster at an event. Easier because you've got everyone with you and there are people cheering you on, and harder because of people walking 3 abreast ahead of you!

Not sure my body knew what had hit it running for that long! I nearly threw up at the end. That'll teach me to attempt a sprint finish!!!


Theres a big difference between listening to your body (what you've done taking an extra day to recover from RFL) and wimping out. I wish I'd listened when my calves started to complain on w6r3 instead of forcing it and getting injured


You're right. Thanks. :-)

Hope you recover quickly.


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