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What order do you do Couch to 5K+ in?

I graduated at the weekend and have downloaded and done the Stepping Stones podcast from Couch to 5K+. Should I do that three times for the first week before going onto the other two podcasts each for a week or should the three different podcasts be done in rotation each week? What I mean is, is there a certain order and number of times the Couch to 5K+ should be done?

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No set order - just whatever suits you. I use them fairly randomly; for a while I planned on doing on 30-min 'vanilla' run, one Speed, one Stepping Stone/Stamina each week - but somehow it never quite happened like that. Now I use 'Speed' when I'm slightly short of time, and the others as and when I feel like it.


Initially I did a Speed once a week, plus a Stepping Stones or a Stamina and a 30minute run.

Now I'm training for 10K, so I do 2 longer runs but I still do a speed once a week as it's really useful. And hard :-D

Good luck!


I will be coming to the end of my 1st couch to 5k program and am doing the manchester fun run on the 24th of august. I plan to use the 5k+ programs after that. However, i was wondering if there is a recommended 10k program and where I might be able to find it?


Quite a few graduates on here have used the Samantha Murphy one. I downloaded it ages ago from here but have only just started using it. There was a link to it on here that used to be easy to search and find but I've no idea how you'd find it on this new site, sorry. Hopefully someone else will know and be able to direct you.


I did stepping stones, speed, then stamina, then moved onto silky steve on audifuel to take me to a 2 hour long distance. However I am on the look out for the ultimate 5k mix to get me to sub 30 mins...


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