5k to Couch?

Eldest daughter was pondering as we went off for a run together the other day.. What would the podcasts be like if Laura did a 5k to Couch...

(you have to imagine these in Laura's voice:)

"you've done really well. Have a can of fizz, and an unhealthy snack, like a burger to recover..''

"You've watched TV for 10 minutes... that's fantastic!"

"You'll have to get off the sofa in a minute, which can feel a bit daunting at this stage. But if you've been following the plan you'll manage just fine - this time you'll be ordering a take-away - if you feel tired, dial slowly, and don't worry, the calories will soon be on their way"


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18 Replies

  • lol this is the giggle i need today xx

  • Love it!!

  • Hahaha - the weird thing is 9 weeks ago I would have loved this lazy podcast but now, now I actually would prefer running to lazing on the couch. Its like a cult & I have been converted :D

  • Would there be tears of joy as Laura says "I'd say you're a slob"?

  • And would it take 9 week to get to this point?

  • lol :)

  • Brilliant, I wonder what the t-shirts would be like (apart from baggy, of course!)

  • Loved the idea of this! :-)

  • Ha ha ha love it!

  • It seems really strange to think, but the thought of this scares me more now than starting c25k did! ;) In fact, I find it quite hard to sit still these days, and even when I am on the couch I am fidgeting or doing my shin splints exercises. I think I would quite possibly fail at 5k to couch, lol. :D

  • Funny blog, well thought out, such a different prospective, so glad I've taken up running would not like to go back to the couch ;)

  • This blog is REALLY going to spur me on! Ta!

  • Excellent!

  • Funny! But makes me reflect and realize how easy it would be to slip back to my couching habit... no way!! Thanks for the post.

  • Funny! :D Let's hope none of us ever go there again !

  • :D Funnnnneeeee!! Love this blog...always get so much from it...whether it's answers, questions, venting frustrations, inspiring entries, and lotsa funny things. This was a good one and made my day! And it's ALL GOOD!!! Thanks!

  • Very good! It has started my day with a smile; thank you! :)

  • Handy tips would be

    Don't forget to pick up the remote and your phone before you lie down on the couch

    Put pyjamas on immediately when you get home - that way you won't be tempted to go out again


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