Weekend away and went for a run

Having decided that weekends were for "different" runs (see previous posts) I put the running gear in the car when we headed off for a weekend away. We were staying in a Premier Inn on the outskirts of Middlesburgh to visit a friend in Guisborough. Got to the hotel mid afternoon, sun was shining and we weren't expected for dinner until after 7 so I decided to go for a run. Next question was where to go. As it happened we were right opposite the James Cook hospital so I decided to try that. It's quite a big site with loads of paths and car parks so I just tried to run round the perimeter and follow the paths. Past lots of people standing outside having a fag (thought it was a no smoking site!) but no other runners. Really enjoyed the exploring bit and got a full 30 minutes run in.

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  • Whoa - good thinking to run round a hospital if you don't know the area. It's amazing the number of NHS employees that smoke - it is almost complusory ...

  • Maybe your run will inspire one of those smokers to put down the cancer stick and try C25K!

  • Hey... If you experienced any palpitations you were in the right place!

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