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W7R2 Treadmill run went on for ever

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Hi All

This morning I did my 25 min run at the gym on the treadmill (don’t like the dark on my own!) It seemed to go on forever!!

I also feel like I’m running faster and covering less distance.

I think it’s having the time in front of me and the temptation to keep checking it!!

How do others find mixing road and treadmill running.

Only 7 runs till graduation 🎉🎉

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Running down the clock is always tough, and when you don't have the distraction of scenery it is harder.

The chances are you will run faster on a treadmill as it is (dare I say it) easier - or at least more forgiving.

If you havent already, try raising the incline 1-2% as it is meant to make it more like road running.

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jlw34Graduate in reply to Whatsapp

I currently set it to 1%. Definitely nicer with passing scenery 😊


I find silent running quite boring 👍

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jlw34Graduate in reply to SnailRunner71

I do run with music. I’ve never tried a podcast!!

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SnailRunner71Graduate in reply to jlw34

They're a new thing for me!

I don't have any music in my phone 😝

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Treadmills were once used as punishment in prison. But it was banned as being dehumanising. That has been my experience of running on the things too.

Safety is important, and I will never be able to run in your shoes, so I won't criticise your choice. But do look at the crime statistics where you run and see if your concerns about running in the dark are well founded.

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jlw34Graduate in reply to DNB2512

I still run outside on weekends or days off. I think the crime rate is very low but I just hate the dark and would be constantly worrying. Roll on next summer 😁

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SnailRunner71Graduate in reply to jlw34

Am sure it's safe where I live but still wouldn't go out alone in dark!

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Good job. You may have run faster and gone less distance... that’s what treadmills do isn’t it? 😂

Take a hat or something with you and cover the timer up, then you only look if you need to, same as outside.

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jlw34Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Yes it definitely felt like I ran faster and l did cover less distance. Good idea about covering the timer, I’ll try that next time 👍🏼

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I started and finished the C25k all on a treadmill. I cover the time display with an ipad showing a running video (look for trail genius on youtube) and listen to EDM to spur me on. I graduated months ago and I'm still running three times a week but just never got round to running outside. However three weeks ago they started a new parkrun where I live so I had to give it a go. The following week I was on holiday in Jersey and so did another parkrun there too. My fourth parkrun will be back home this Saturday and I like the mix of a couple of runs on the treadmill with a 'special' run on Saturday.

If you are not comfortable in the dark then parkrun is ideal. You are with a group of like minded people and its a safe environment to run in. I was far from ready to let the world see me running but it's fine it and it's given me a new running experience mixing things up a bit!

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