Couch to 5K

A few words of advice

I have been doing this programme since January and I successfully worked my way through the 9 weeks. I now run for fun, and I have alot of fun doing it, so I thought I might share some thoughts to all of you setting out and doing the C25K.

I see lots of newbies complaining - well not exactly complaining but commenting on the fact that they aren't losing weight. I think the honest answer is you won't. Some people say that muscle weighs more than fat. Well a kilo of muscle weighs exactly the same as a kilo of fat. It's just more dense, and in the early weeks thats what you are doing, you are burning fat, and building muscle. In most cases the muscle might be growing at a slightly faster rate than you are burning fat, and so you might see a slight increase in weight - I did. The real result in this is body shape. Measure your self before you start running in week 1 then measure yourself weekly, you will see your waist, chest, legs, arms and even feet getting smaller. I noticed the change quite quickly 46inch to 36inch trousers in about 5 months.

Times, a number of you note that you are off the 5k mark in the 30 minutes. So what, it's not the end of the world. This programme is to get you running 5K or for 30 minutes. How many of you starting this could have possibly dreamt that you could run for 30 minutes. This morning I got back from a 5K run and did it in 31:44, was I upset - not really I had a lovely run. I find that the only person I am racing is myself. I got home from work last monday to be greated by the red post office while you were out card. So on Tuesday I ran the 8.5K to the post office to collect the package, I would have driven in the past! I got home from work on the Tuesday and there was another card saying a package needed a signature, so on Wednesday I ran again to sign for the package. The only person who had done the route before was me, and I thought I was going to be slower, as I had to stop for traffic a few times, so I sprinted the last 500m and very nearly threw up, but I beat my time by 20 seconds. I know I can do better.

As an aside the guy at the post office apologised as it was his round and he felt bad about making me run to collect the stuff. I however, thanked him for the excuse to get out into the fields.

Another comment to add is that hills are your friends. All of those who run outside, may change your routes to avoid hills, or run a predominantly down hill route. Make the hill a friend. Ok, the hill may be a hard mistress at times, but remember for every hill you run up, you get to run down the other side, and this is where you can either get a breather, by easing up a little. Your pace shouldn't drop, but you will find it easier, or you power up and break into an assisted sprint, this does no end to you times. I managed to smash 2 minutes off a previous run by doing the "assisted" sprints.

Oh and don't forget to breathe. Breathing technique is important, and how you do it can ease stiches, I use that trick often, but you get the oxygen flow right during a run, and you can run further, and also get a little light headed, which definitely makes you a bit giddy.

But most importantly have fun.

Just some thoughts, which help me.

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This is an excellent blog and deals with a lot of issues that people tend to deal with - 90% of it all is in the mind and tackling adversity with positivity.

Nice one.


Yes, nice one!

The packages you had to sign for weren't for the olympic running events were they :) ?


No they were for more lycra man shorts :p


Great blog thanks - wish I had found this when I first started.


Excellent blog ! I am not losing weight but did not expect to really but I am changing shape in only 5 weeks! So I am just concentrating on the run not shedding the pounds because I think that causes me problems! So thanks for this blog : - )


Very interesting read thankyou.


here here. a great piece of info for all :)


Thank you for this - I too havent lost weight but have definitely changed shape and toned up after just 7 weeks. You sound like you are doing amazing -8.5k I can only admire, I run like a little snail!


Hear hear beany... Was wondering how you carry your parcels home, now I know you can open your parcel and wear them! But really... Great advice.


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