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How should I re-build up to 10k?

I'm entering my first 10k race on 18th of this month and due to illness I won't be running all the way :( I'm trying to come to terms with a walk/run after all the training I've done, but, I can no longer run more than 15 minutes without having to stop and walk and hills are definitely walk only parts of the route! Before getting I'll I'd worked my distance up to just short of 6 miles.

I'm taking part because I'm already entered now and I need the goal or I'll give up, especially as I have an excuse to rest right now. I'm also entered for a 10k in August and I'm hoping to be feeling better by then.

What I'd like to know is should I go back to c25k training and build up before restarting b210k or just restart b210k when I'm up to it?

My stamina and confidence has taken a knock so I definitely need a programme to follow.

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Tricky. Kind of depends how you feel. I'd be inclined to suggest trying the first run of B210K, slowly, and see how it goes. If you struggle, drop back to week 9, or even 8 of C25K.

Essentially it's a case of find a level you're comfortable at and build from there.


I hadn't thought of week 8/9 of c25k because I was focusing on what I can't do right now but I think you're right! If I go back to those weeks it will push me to run for longer, whereas b210k will take me back to 4x10 minute intervals.

I lost the stamina to keep going and pushing through and week 8/9 would get that back.

Thanks for that. As soon as I'm feeling better I'm going to be straight back on it!! :)


As andystev said, it depends on what makes you most comfortable. If you can only go for 15 minutes at a time, you might feel more confident back up a few weeks into C25K where you aren't expected to run much longer than that at a time. But I agree, you could try B210K and see how it feels if you want.

More important than any of that is your confidence and commitment. Being sick sucks. It does. And it ain't fair. I am sure I would be disappointed to train so hard for a race and be unable to perform as planned. You wrote:

I need the goal or I'll give up, especially as I have an excuse to rest right now.

So what should your goal be? Can you set a goal that pushes you, but will not be unattainable because you are temporarily setback? I personally think that defining success in the right terms is even more important than your training program choice. Maybe it will be a behavioral goal rather than a race goal. (I will run hard for x program 3x wk, doing my best effort each time, and will finish the 10K running as much of it as I can.) If you are working hard, you are NOT failing. So match your expectations to your reality, and you can still enjoy the process.


I think you're right and my goal right now should be to just commit to running set days. I've temporarily stopped going to speed sessions at running club but I should still go for a run. I think I'll stick to 3 days a week like before and will redo some c25k in the future. For now I'll stick to running till I need to walk.

Thanks for the advice


A different take on this would to be to adopt a deliberate run/walk strategy for the July 10k (google Jeff Galloway) so you don't overextend yourself and mess up the August run too.


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