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10k sign up regrets??

Hi everyone,

In a fit of post-run excitement I signed up for a 10k in May, thinking it would be fun. Now I'm quite worried though - it's right before when my exams and thesis are due in and I don't want to feel like I'm adding extra pressure so knowing a bit more about what they're like would be ideal! Do people walk at them?? I will definitely not be able to run the whole thing (currently on track to finish C25K in mid March) so ideally I'd like to do intervals of running and walking...

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People do walk, don't worry about that. But also, if you can't make it to the race because of your important other committments (or any other reason) it doesn't matter! There will always be other races :) Enjoy your training. I did C25K while I was writing my Master's thesis; I found it a great way to get some exercise and clear my head.


I did a 10k nearly two years ago now, walked bits of it, and still was far from the last person going round, so walk-run is absolutely fine. Assuming it's the Oxford Town & Gown you're looking at (guessing from your user name and the timing! ;) ), the results from last year show that the last finishers were at around 1 hr 50 mins, so there's a good spread of times and no pressure. :)

I'm also hoping to do the Oxford T&G this year, but am holding off signing up until I know if my knee is likely to let me... :)


Yep, no problem with walking bits or even setting out with a run/walk plan.. One of my best events was a 10k when I came in joint last and got a huge cheer!!

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Yep, I'd consider run-walking it - some people find it easier with set intervals, I usually just walk and run however much I feel in whatever proportions I want. Don't worry about the pressure, it's all for enjoyment. It might be a nice break from your studies.


As the others have said there is no problem with walking if you can't run all the way. I have signed up for the Reading Green park 10K this May, I have never entered a 10K event before so this like you is my first, the times from the previous years show runners on 1 hr 45min/1hr 50 mins so I am sure you will be OK at your event. I have run10K to 12K on my own around my local roads/parks but I am still anxious about how I will perform at an organised event. But you and I just need to get into our heads that we are running for ourselves and our own PB's and if that brings enjoyment to others who support the event so much the better. Good luck I am upping one of my 3 weekly runs to 10K plus to get in shape but I am semi-retired and don't have a thesis to prepare.


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