Couch to 5K

Why did I change my running time ?

I am an early bird and I do my runs ( Or maybe I should say jogging) at 05:30 am before weather gets too hot. Last night, after a full day spent inside the house I needed some "fresh air" so i decided to carry out the W9R1.

After 10 minutes I thought I was going to die ! i felt like having an hairdryer blowing hot air on my face. I had to drastically decrease my speed in order to finish the run. Back home it toke me nearly 3 hours to recover. Temperature was 35 C and the humidity 54%. Guess what ? I will never run again in the night at least until the summer is over ! lol. ... 2 more runs before my graduation... cannot wait !


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Wow! Congratulations on just getting THROUGH that....running in the heat just takes ALL the fun out of

Good going, soni!


You poor thing! I hope you fully recovered and will be heading out early next time in the cool of the morning. I prefer the morning too but stupidly overslept this morning. I'm loitering a bit before I go out to do W7R1. It's "only" 25° out there but I hate anything over 15°! Needs must but I ain't looking forward to it!

Early-birds of the world unite!


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