I did it! Finally!

I did it! Finally!

So... I had a few hiccups during my C25K training. In Week 6 I went on holiday to Corfu which meant I had longer breaks between my runs (3-4 days) although I did manage to complete 2 runs while I was there! Then I got really discouraged in Week 7, and Week 8 I had thigh pains which again meant I stretched out my runs further than I would have liked.

This all meant that I was due to do Week 9, Run 3 on the day of the Race for Life which was what I had been training for anyway. I woke up with a horrible cold and ear infection, but I decided that it wasn't going to discourage me. I had a cup of tea, then drank some Lucozade and dosed myself up on cold & flu tablets. When I got to the Race for Life venue I had some more Lucozade and an energy tablet, then it was time to run! I went in the 'joggers' section as I wasn't sure how fast I would go being ill. Well... I managed to run all the way round without stopping, the furthest I'd ever run, and I did an average of 11:46 min/miles which considering I had to try and overtake loads of people in the huge crush at the beginning and feeling ill, I was really pleased! I can definitely improve on that time easily when I'm feeling 100%.

I'm now a graduate, woohoo! If I can do it, so can you!

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  • Congratulations! :-) Where did you do Race for Life?

    I did Bedford and although I had a lot of fun, I was a bit dissapointed that I didn't realise there'll be so many bottlenecks where you are forced to walk when you're with the joggers! Next year I am starting with the runners! :-)

    You are brilliant for sticking it out with the difficulties you had. :-)

  • Very well done!

  • Fantastic! Well done you x

  • I did it in Cheltenham. Next year I'm starting with the runners too!

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