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Newbie Runner Week 2 Run 3 finished

Just finished week 2 run 2. Found the third run tough towards the end. Hopefully I will be able to stick it out for the third week.

I am finding I am not covering the 5K by the end of the podcast. When I have finished the cool down walk I have covered a distance of about 4K. I carry on walking till I hit 5K. Total time from start of podcast to I hit 5K is about 38mins. Is this normal not to hit the 5K mark at the start of the program?

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Its normal not to hit 5k at the end of the program let alone the beginning! You just need to do the duration of the podcast, if you want to walk further at the end then great. The aim to is to get you running for 30 minutes at the end.

Well done, you must be going at a good rate to cover 5k in 38 minutes, it takes me that long to run it!


I still haven't managed 5K in 30 minutes. Not sure I ever will! Just pace yourself and aim to complete the 9 weeks. You may need to slow down a little to accommodate the longer runs and build up your stamina.

Good luck and enjoy! :)


Thanks for the comments guys. I was thinking afterwards that maybe my pace is a bit quick. I will try and slow down a bit to keep up the stamina and not worry about distance for the moment.


I havent gotten much further than 3k in any of the 30 minute programs so far. I want to make sure I complete the runs at my pace and will then work on speed.

I went a little quicker than now in the early runs but around week 4/5 had to slow a bit as the runs became longer.

Keep whatever pace feels comfortable, dont try to rush :)


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