Week 3,Run 2

24 hours after the orgininaly planned run (due to "migraine-gate"!!) ,I went out just a touch before 7pm and did Run 2. Decided to up the pace a little bit to reassure myself that Run 1 wasn't just a fluke and I sailed through :)

Don't know about anyone else,but in between the last run of the previous week and the first run of the next,I sit and listen to the next week's podcast,just to get an idea of what to expect and visualise myself on my route,think it helps me focus and reduces the anxiety and apprehension :)

I also listen to a podcast I recorded for my student association (I'm an OU student and long time student volunteer - 5 and a half years now!),and remind myself just how far I've come ,for those who've read my blogs since the beginning of my C25K journey,the confidence and anxieties I've had have affected me and this is helping with building,and rebuilding the confidence levels so when I have a bad session (like the first run of last week,for example with the stich issue),I listen back to that podcast and remind myself of the good I've done and the support I've given to others,even though I might be too modest to admit it! It was a first doing a podcast and I did our first radio show too (live and loose!) so doing something like this is rebuilding the confidence even more - thought I'd post the link if it helps motivate too :)


Meanwhile,week 4 draws ever nearer!



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6 Replies

  • Well done.

  • Well done Mark - it sounds as though things are going really well!

  • Well done you...onwards and upwards.. always! :)

  • Well done! 🙂 I did W3R2 this evening too but found it harder than W3R1, knees and calves noticeably more achey, despite same speeds (nice and slow. Maybe too slow?). Strange that yesterday I thought I'd go to the gym and do calf and knee stretches to try and minimise risk of injury ☹️️. Think I may repeat this week to slow the process down and build up a bit more slowly to prevent doing any damage and forcing me to stop.

  • Only one small thing did bother me and I suppose it's something that bothers a lot of us newbies - as I finished the last 3 min run and started the warm down,passed two kids that just laughed - pretty sure they were looking my way but might have been sharing a joke. I got a bit down for a few seconds then forgot all about it and the smile came back - just a bit conscious of my surroundings,especially around where I live. Most people around here know me and are okay so wave,a thumbs up,whatever and say hi - if I'm just walking I sometimes stop to have a chat :)

    Anyhow,listened to the Week 4 podcast today whilst going through uni emails and a bit worried about the step up to 5 min runs but again,tried to visualise on the route and should be okay :)

    Final Week 3 run tomorrow - and going to try my first morning run (will be up around 6.30am anyway as a huge Formula 1 fan and watching the live coverage all weekend at an ungodly hour!),see how we go and if it's any different to the afternoon and early evening ones I've been doing up until now.


  • Good Luck for tomorrow Mark, you are doing so well, keep going ! :-) xxx

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