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That's it for Week 8

Day 34 // week 8, run 6

I have to start work late today and thought I'd squeeze in a run before. And that was good for another reason too! I got out at 7am and did the full 30 minutes again today. This run was very smooth. No stitches, no annoying thoughts, just running. And passing a lot of school children who probably thought I'm crazy to run this early/in this heat.

I'm home and about to shower when my dad calls from work and tells me that there's "a big thunderstorm" coming. I can hear it grumbling as I type this. Great. Now I have to drive to work in this stupid wheater. But at least I got the run in and am really happy about that. ;)

Day 35 // week 8, run 7

It was really hot the whole day, but in the afternoon a short thunderstorm cooled the air a bit. Or so I thought. Nevertheless it was about 26 degrees celcius when I went out. This time I only used my mp3-player without any voice prompts. I wanted to do the exact same route as last time, because I know when to start/stop running to make it to 30 minutes again.

I did the first half just fine, but then the weather got to me and I stopped after 20 minutes. I pushed it to that point, but then thought "Hey, I did 30 min instead of 28 twice, let's leave something for next week." Okay, didn't think that. More along the lines of "No, don't want anymore. Let's go home now." But still, 20 minutes and I did 3 runs this week. Nothing to complain there.

Next week I'll graduate! And I'm not scared. As I said I did run 30 minutes twice in a row (and twice on other occasions I think) and I'm confident I can do it. I'm done with the plan then! Uuuhhh!

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