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W4 R1 again still not there

Back to week 4 after abortive attempt last week. I tried the airwaves chewing gum this time but still really struggled. Managed 3 mins, 3 mins, 3 mins, 2.5 mins

Those 90 sec recovery times are just not enough for me I'm still out of breath by the time the 5 min run is due to start

Can't believe I'll ever manage the 5 minutes. better luck on Tuesday I hope

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Don't let it get to you....you're not on the couch, and that's what is really important. If you have to back off a bit and take smaller bites of that elephant so be it*. You'll get there. (I'm already resigned to NOT finishing in 9 weeks, if it helps.) We do what we can do, at least we're trying.

We're here whether you need a moan or want to celebrate (and there WILL be celebrations).

*(How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.)


you will manage, I'll bet. But are you sure your pace is right? The brisk walk should be just short of a trot- in other words should feel that it you tried to walk faster, it would be a run, and your run, therefore, only has to be one gear up from the walk. Does that make sense? The walk is so important for developing stamina so try making the run slower and focus on getting the walk right. You will then find the runs much easier.


I have just come back from my first attempt at W4R1, having done W3R3 yesterday morning - and it killed me!

I still consider it a huge success, though!

I did 3m (r), 90s (w), 2.5m (r), 60s (w), 2.5m (r), 2.5m (w), 3m (r), 90s (w), 4m (r), 30s (w), 1m (r), and then the cool down.

I found that for each time I stopped during the 5 minute run, I stopped just before Laura told me how far I'd gone, which was really annoying! My last 5m run (when I managed 4m) was up a steep hill, so I was proud of myself, but my legs would barely do the walk, let alone the rest of the run.

Still counting that as R1, though, since I did do the 16m run!

I'm sure we'll both manage it eventually! Remember - it's meant to try us, and it's doing a great job, we just have to show the plan that we're boss!

Best of luck to you for R2!


I did week 4 run 1 yesterday, on my 56th birthday! For some silly reason I decided to run in the local woods and there are a lot of steep uphills! I was so pleased with the way it was going and the I came to the last 5 minute run and it just about finished me off! It just happened to be all uphill but by sheer determination I did it! I won't get any medals for speed and I'm sure a tortoise would have overtaken me,but I slowed it down so that i was just doing a gentle jog as Laura keeps telling me to do and i got there. I felt great afterwards and I even had to work a night shift as well. I'm not looking forward to repeating it tomorrow but I know I can do it so hopefully I'll have a more positive attitude.


Thats fantastic - I run on the flat and can't contemplate hills yet.

Off for W4 run 2 this eve


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