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Race for Life - we did it!

I've just ran the Race for Life 5k in Leeds, there were thousands of people doing it and it was a wonderful atmosphere. The route was very very muddy because of all the rain and the stewards were telling people to walk at certain parts because it was so slippery underfoot. Did it with my 12 year old daughter and 13 year old step-daughter, I was a bit slower than them but finished in 44 minutes so really pleased with my time as 7 weeks ago I had never ran at all.

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That is brilliant. Well done.


Fantastic, well done. I also did one this morning. It is amazing what we have all achieved with this plan. Congratulations :)


Well done, you did really well I am hoping to do it in about the same time with my two daughters on 22 July. I hope it's not too hot but can't be easy in the mud either.



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