New running headgear required !

I've had sore skin on my face, either side of my mouth, for a couple of weeks now and I'd been assuming it was just due to being outside so much more than usual - cycling and running in all weathers on the 5x50 challenge. About a week or so ago I noticed my mouth felt sore and a bit swollen too, with a burning sensation, so today I went to see the doctor.

It seems it is perioral dermatitis and can be caused by various things - exposure to strong wind and UV light included, but also cosmetics, creams and cleansers, sunscreen, sulfates in hair products, fluoride in toothpaste, and hormones !

So I can't even use sun screen/barrier cream to protect my skin from the weather ! I think I need to wear a balaclava all summer (or even all year round) - this might get me into trouble when out running !!

I've got an antibiotic solution to use so hope it will clear up soon - I was getting ideas about training for a half-marathon in early July so hoping to be outside a lot :-o


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  • A sports Buff might help but you may need to do some adjustments for eyes/mouth etc. Hope it settles down very soon for you.

  • Yes, I've used a buff when cycling in the wind and rain. I'll have to wear a visor or cap when I run in the sunshine I think. I feel it must be due to more than just weather but anything that helps is worth doing - it burns and I'm feeling very self-conscious


  • Running cap and wrap around sun glasses would keep the top part protected. You can get quite good sun glasses at Lidl's I've got some they cost about Β£4 if I remember right. I find they help reduce my itchy eyes when the pollen count is high, also protect eyes from flying grit from cars.

  • I've got some nice sunglasses that came as a gift with my Runners' World subscription. I think perhaps I should go for the mysterious look rather than the sinister balaclava look....

  • Oh dear, that sounds nasty - hope it will settle once these winds drop. :-)

  • Thank you :-)

  • Oh bless you. Hugs. X

    I think I know how you feel. I suffer from a condition that means I can't stay out in the sun (allergy to UV light) (or wind) or I come out in a very painful rash and swollen tissue and it can take about 3/4 weeks to calm down. It's a nightmare.I've been diagnosed for about 10 years but it doesn't get any easier.

    I've also been tested positive to allergies to perfumes.

    Having started this running thing in the depths of winter when it was cold and dark out there it didn't matter, I'm not sure what will happen over the next few months. Feel free to PM me if you want to talk some more. X

  • Thank you, I'm hoping the antibiotic stuff will help but in the meantime this seems like the best solution: fbcdn-sphotos-a-a.akamaihd....

  • Sounds very similar to what happened to my face when it was windy and sunny - flare up all over, burning and then several days of peeling. Thankfully not several weeks though. Yuck. (I've also been diagnosed with uv allergy, but I'd used factor 50, and that seems to have been ok when it was just sunny, so I think it was the wind drying/abrasion that caused most of it.)

    Since I've avoided going out when it's windy, it has really settled down (touch wood), and my skin is now about the best it's been for months, despite last weekend's efforts, which is a surprise. I did use a lot of emollient (eg vaseline) as well as suncream. The downside is, I don't seem to be able to go out running or cycling if it's windy. The buff helped a bit, but didn't seem to be enough. .

    All a bit annoying. Hope you get healed up soon, Hazel.

  • Yes, that sounds all too familiar. I really have to get outside as and when to fit around "other stuff"

    I'm hoping the burn will improve over time....

  • Just a thought - maybe you can use sunscreen and barrier creams - although it can be a cause of the problem, it isn't necessarily. When I had my skin tested, they did various different sunscreens, and fortunately they were all ok for me. Though the anti-itch cream I'd been using was a really bad irritant! So every time I used it, it was actually making things worse!!! Rather a slow process to work out what is ok and what isn't, as things tend to take several hours before the effect shows. :(

  • I'm trying coconut oil for now - the antibiotic makes the skin feel really tight so I need something to sooth it.

  • Try Boots own Soltan sun block for children, nice and gentle for delicate skins and works wonders. All my 3 grandchildren are extremely fair skinned and have to be covered with suntan lotions.

  • Thank you - that sounds much nicer than wearing a balaclava xx

  • So sorry to hear about this. It sounds really sore. Perhaps covering up may be the answer, although please don't nip into any banks while you are out running :D

    I hope it improves and can be managed. xx

  • I'll leave my bag marked SWAG at home too ;-)

  • Gosh that sounds nasty, do take care. xox delia

  • Thank you :-)

    It's not nice but, in spite of the burning sensation, it's an inconvenience more than anything - and makes me feel self-conscious. I shouldn't whinge - a running friend has recently been diagnosed with MS so I should get things into perspective really....

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