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Completed Race for life at stanmer park, brighton,

I've had a good workout today, taking a slow walk to stanmer park, then jogging/walking the 5 k and the fast walk back home afterwards am now well and truly knackered.

Went with with my mum, aunt and niece who were also taking part, but were walking the 5 k and dad, sister and nephew who came to support us.

Had such an amazing time, hard work but very rewarding, and I got all emotional reading peoples messages on their backs, was lucky with the weather, stayed nice throughout for everyone, even though had woken up this morning to rain.

I started off well ,but really had to slow myself down as I didn't want to go to quickly (this is very hard to do when running with others you try to match their pace),and then struggle the rest of the way, although there was two hard parts of the course the first being the hills I found them very difficult to overcome and so ended up walking up them.

The surface was so uneven sometimes was worried I would hurt myself, but luckily all I did develope was a stitch and a slightly stiff leg ( none of my usual pains -hips or knees), which I managed to work through. I was pleased when I got to flat ground and downhill, as Ithen got back into my stride, trying to keep one eye on the ground so I didn't trip up or fall in a hole and the other in front so I wouldn't run into anyone.

The other part that for me, felt the hardest (besides the hills) was that last little bit of the run when I could see the finish line, giving it my all and feeling like I wasn't getting anywhere nearer to it, but I did, I crossed that finish line and I have to say it's the best feeling ever.

I completed it in 40 mins 53 secs, It may not be as quick as some peoples but it's my time and I'm chuffed with it.

Going to give it a few days then continue with programme am currently on week 9, today was supposed to be run 2, but will still need to do that as I didn't run the full 30 mins today, but when I've completed it will include hills in my programme.

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Well done elizalau31! Sounds like an amazing day. Bet that smile stays on your face for a few days to come. :)


Very well done. That is a good time too :)


Thank you both, I'm really pleased too, next year will be even better.


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